Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Exchange, a Prize and a Wish aririves

It was mail overflowing yesterday for me....... Lets start off with the SBEBB Fall House Exchange - my partner was Leena and she made the most clever Tin finish - as you may recall I really love tea - especially black loose tea and drink it often - well, Leena finished off a Tin Cosy in the cutest way - here is a snap of the entire exchange -

This is the front on of the tin - included in the packages was a copy of the great magazine that had the sampler from which Leena stitched the designs - a black licorice pipe and great piece of linen and some lovely floss!! The piece is stitched on black linen with glow in the dark thread, here is a snap of the side - (both sides are identical)

and the back -

and she filled it with some wonderful black tea!!!
Thank you so much for the great exchange - I just love it!!

I was also the winner in Lillie's Drawing for the lovely Needle Roll she made - the package arrived yesterday - and I was amazed at the lovely prize she put together
- here is a snap -

Lillie was so generous with her prize - not only including the needle roll but some beautiful over dyed floss, trim and shell key ring - such a lovely- package thank you so much !!!!!!

I also heard from Gaby that the MAW Flat Fold I had made her arrived - I used LHN "Woodland Sampling " and the recommended DMC and think it turned out pretty cute!! here is a snap -

It may look like a Pyn Keepe but it is a FF - I just like the way the pyns finish off the edges.


About yesterdays Pyn Keepe chart - I did find my hard copy that I made when I found the chart - but the address printed on it no longer works. I am usually surfing about all over the Internet and whenever I come across a free chart that I may like to do I immediately make a copy (and that file is getting pretty full) as I just know I will never remember where it was to go back to. If I remember correctly this chart was from a French site - the image is called Quaker2008 - that's about all I came up with - I did surf about a long time last night trying to find it with out luck - but did find a few other free charts and some really great free sampler charts - so no time surfing around is ever wasted. I am often just stunned at the amount of free charted projects out there - and the generosity of stitchers and designers. If I ever run across the Quaker 2008 chart again I will totally make a note of the spot - and post it here.

I worked on VoHRH last night and got the walls up and now I am on to the roof - Here is a snap -

This square is coming along nicely - and I will be on to Square 9 in no time.

Thank you all for the nice comments and for stopping by!!!

Take care,


Sherry said...

I can't wait to see how the grist mill finishes! This is my favorite square of VoHRH.

You got some great goodies! I love the needle roll and what a cute tin!

staci said...

Lovely exchanges Edgar :) Ok, so when you said Quaker 2008, that rang a bell with me. And as it turns out, I printed it out when I saw it too. Here's the link:

She has great blog and does so many wonderful freebies!

Vonna said...

Your CRANKING them out aren't ya? You remind me of myself two years ago when I had 6 exchanges going every month :) You go you!

And Leena's tea tin cozy is gorgeous! I love your flatfold and the needleroll you won is fabulous!

Lillie said...

Glad the roll made it to you safely :D

Loved the tin too, spooky!

Srinity said...

You've received lovely exchanges. And I love the Flat Fold you stitched for Gaby.