Monday, July 10, 2017

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle friends, I've finished up block eight on AotH .... here's a snperoo..

 ... I stitched my paternal great grandparent's initials and marriage year into this square - and now that I look at it I think I will go back and stitch the date also -  this was his second marriage.  He was named after his father (my Great-great grandfather) and my dad was named after him and I was named after my father so I am the fourth to carry the name - not too confusing.

Here's a snap of the entire piece as it stands at the moment..... sorry about the wrinkles....

I made quite a few floss changes.  This piece as with most BBD calls for overdyed flosses - I felt that the skeins called for that I had were really much to light or I just didn't like I converted them to darker shades or colors I like better.  

Here is the list with the suggested floss first and my change if any:
CC Avocado no change
CC Gingersnap to GAST Butternut Squash
CC Little Brown House no change
CC Olive Branch no change
CC Onion Skin to GAST Hazelnut
CC Peanut Brittle to CC Pumpkin Harvest
CC Stepping Stones no change
CC Sunkissed to GAST Brandy
CC Tiny Vine to GAST Endive
GAST Lexington Green no change

I think after I finish up the next block I'll go back nd fill in all the dates, initials and other familial information.

Once again it was a lovely cool and breezy weekend here by the Bay.  All around us, to the North, South and East Bay the temps were hovering in the low 90's and into the100's, while we were in the low 70's on Saturday and then the temps moved back into the cool upper 60's on Sunday..... thank goodness for the Pacific Marine breeze and fog!!!

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


Vicki said...

This piece continues to be one of my favorites (hmmm, I think I said that about your last project too. And the one before that...) I just love the colors. The fact that it's personalized for your family makes it that much more special.

Barb said...

That piece is looking just beautiful. Thanks for the list of changes. Even if I don't stitch that piece it is nice to know the changes since you could use them any time for a darker shade. Often what they call the marine push saves us from being too hot.

Heritage Hall said...

Edgar - so lovely - Did you ever consider outlining the swans in a
neutral but more revealing impression for viewing from afar? This
is an heirloom, par excellence...... So enjoy your updates.

Cathy Lloyd said...

What a treasure Edgar!! You're moving right along!!

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on getting the next block finished, Edgar! The entire piece is awesome.

Kay said...

This is so beautiful. I am making list of your changes so i am aware of possibilities when i do it myself. x

Paisley said...

Beautiful stitching, Edgar!

CathieJ said...

What a pretty piece. I like that you are honoring your ancestors and making changes that please you. My son had the extreme temps of Palo Alto for a few days, but now he has moved back to the East Coast and is enjoying humid 80 degree days.

MaryO said...

Awesome work Edgar! Love the color changes. Beautiful!


Anne L said...

I really like the color changes you made in the newest block.

Sweet Sue said...

hiya edgar, that block 8 of your is just about the prettiest ever, luv it!