Friday, January 14, 2011

A Lovely Package

GR&DF so sorry to have a blip in the posts here at the Sheep - but as I sat here trying to get through some of my emails and then I got wrapped up in reading through back postings on other Blogs - the time just got away from me. There is really not much happening here - I am stitching away on a replacement piece - that I think is totally cute, but then what do I know!! :)

We are all trying to stay a bit on the less than frozen side and also trying to stay dryish. We had another day of "rain." It really was not rain in the real since of the word, but just some miscellaneous drops, lots of mist and windy spattering. Just enough damp falling to keep a person less than dry - and the four hairs on my pointed head where plastered down like I had pomade in my hair!!

There was a super bright spot yesterday afternoon - the mail brought a wonderful win from Ma Teakettle - over at The Teakettle Corner - I won the Follower's Gift-A-Way she was hosting. Here is a snap....

Along with the complete LHN Monthly Squares series was included a cute pair of scissors, some sparkly pins, a darling floss minder and really lovely piece of linen. I saw these charts last year and thought to myself, hey self - wouldn't they look cute stitched up together in sampler form. I heard no laughing or anything negative so I knew it was a pretty good idea. :)
Now to get on the stick and get a largish piece of linen and get January stitched up as I see this a year long fun stitch. Thanks you so much Ma Teakettle!!!!!!!

So that's about it for today sports fans. Thanks for stopping by and for you sweet comments. I think we have another egg under le Poulet Ville (City Chicken) ... would that be "la" as it is a girl sitting there on her eggs.......? ......... so we might get three sweet little peepers. I'll keep you updated.

Take care,


KimV said...

Oh, Edgar... can't the mail be just wonderful sometimes! That would brighten... actually let's say make any stitcher's day!!!
Have a great one
ps love the birds!

Lucy said... winning the lottery..almost!

April Mechelle said...

Great Win Edgar !! Congrats. I also love that series. I have started the BBD Heart of Anniversaries as my big stitching this year. I am doing it all on one piece of Linen. Happy Stitching!! I hope the rain ends I have a friend headed to SF from Bama. Hope it will be a great trip for her.

Berit said...

Awesome win!

Marc, our set's resident Quebecois told me that you are indeed right to give the masculine to "Le poulet ville". He goes on to say, "Blame the French".

Actually, Marc's from Ontario, but was still forced through 12 years of French. We tease him ceaselessly about being Canadian, and he in turn defends his motherland tirelessly, laying fault for any defect of such upon the heads of those secessionists, the Quebecois. lol!

Want insult Celene Dion or Avril Lavigne--that's okay, they're Quebecois! He's also been known to attribute such random items as "Snow" and the "Toonie"

Have an awesome weekend! :D

Carol R said...

What a wonderful giveaway!
It's been raining here forever - roll on Spring/Summer!

Margaret said...

Nice prize! Wow! I hope there are eggs again. It's so much fun to hear about the pigeons and their babies.

Nicola said...

That's a super duper give away you've won Edgar.

Our weather over here in the U.K. has been quite dreary all week although I did see some sunshine today. At least it's quite mild though.

Ma Teakettle said...

Hugs and kisses, kiddo :)I can't wait to see it, I love your idea!

Kathy said...

What a fun giveaway win! Congratulations. Finding something like this in the mail would make any day a great day! Have a wonderful weekend!

Maggie said...

What a lovely mail day!

Do you happen to know if those LHN charts are OOP? I was searching high and low for them before Christmas and couldn't find them anywhere. They will look great stitched on one piece.

Raining here in the UK too if that's any consolation! although it'ts a bit on the warmer side, for now.

Bronny said...

Lucky winner - that series certainly looks to be just your style. Enjoying the progress on your WIP's - and I agree, catching up on other blogs certainly can take you away in other directions and take up the stitching time.
I'm starting to think, as all the charts that call to me at the moment are samplers, that 2012 will be the 'Year of the Sampler' lol
2011 - 'The Year of the Sheep'
2010 - 'The Year of the Snowman'

Katherine said...

That's fantastic! You're so lucky!

Loraine said...

Wow you hit the jackpot! I love it all. Congrats to you.
I am sorry for not posting a note sooner. I'm so hopelessly behind on blog reading, that I am starting over so to speak. Love all your new projects, and the framing. I'm working on shores right now too. Maybe seeing your posts will help move me along.
Take Care!

Siobhan said...

That's why I chat away to myself--and my pup--neither gives me any negative feedback. Usually I'm told to get myself a snack, too. ;)

Congrats on the win!

Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful mail! Those charts would look great stitched up as a sampler. Of course, I always think in terms of giant projects! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Hugs, Nancy D.

Alice said...

What a good idea! I will enjoy seeing the results.

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Lucky you with your wins. I want to tell you though I think somebody has already done a bunch of these designs on one big piece of material. It wasn't done in this country though but somewhere else. But wouldn't it be nice to have such a huge big mighty big piece of stitching??

DonnaTN said...

Congratulations on a great win! They are all really cute and should look great together. I'll probably wish I had bitten the bullet and collected too.

Anonymous said...

wow! that's a lovely gift, I do love those lhn monthly samplers
look forward to seeing you stitch them up