Friday, January 7, 2011

Wrapping up the Week

GR&DF it is a chilly San Francisco Morning here - not like some snowy places where its down right frozen, but for us it is pretty cold. Last night when I was shutting up for the evening I decided I was having a big won-ton soup for lunch today. I usually have soup of some sort at lunch as I really enjoy it, but today it is an absolute must. How's that for another weird tid bit about me!!

I have finally caught up with a majority of the Blog Postings I missed while away - I am thinking I should invest in a laptop apparatus so that when I travel or am away I can check in with everyone. As I read through the posts I just kept feeling I had missed so much of the wonderful Holiday goings on!!

I wanted to mention two more new Blog Buddies out there - Ariadne over in Greece has jumped in with us and has started a lovely Blog - "Ariadne from Greece" - and Jenny from Kentucky also began a great blog - "One Stitch Closer to Nirvana" - stop by and say Hi!!

The comments also held a bit of news for me - I took part in the HOE Ornament Exchange back in November and my partner Lynn B let me know that the piece I sent has never arrived. I sent that sucker out on November 29th...... even with the slow holiday mail and all the weather both here and in the UK I would think it would have gotten there by now. I am thinking it is lost at this point - I need to get my needle a'stitchin quick like a bunny!! Dear Lynn - so sorry for the delay - another one will be out and on the way soon.....

Also in the comments Maggie o mentioned working for the first time on linen - I remember my first experience with linen - I jumped from Aida cloth to a stamped linen kit to a small 25 ct piece of linen project and have never looked back. I love the feel and look of linen, just keep plugging away and it will get easier as time goes on. Kim V asked about the Alpha Birds piece - the designer is Sheepish Designs and is actually three charts stitched as one. The three OOP charts from top to bottom are - Alpha Birds, Alpha Menagerie and Alpha Sheep - the little narrow connecting bands I charted as they do not exist in the charts. Susan asked about the Mary Beale "Sampler Wreath" - yes, I am still sort of stitching on it. I put it aside to stitch up Christmas Rules by Lizzie Kate - at this point the plan is... I will finish up square 4 on "Shores" and then turn my attention to the wreath and get her finished up. I am loving that piece lots and am contemplating how it should finish up.... I love the idea of a stitched wreath like is shown in the picture of the completed work.... but how about a lovely frame????? What to do, what to do....???

I wanted to leave everyone with a snap from SF - yesterday we stopped off in the Mission for some veggies and a sweet treat - (we all need treats!!!!). We parked on a side street next to this wonderfully colourful mural....

I have no idea for what or why this was painted here - but it is big, bold and beautiful. Always something new to see in the city!!

There you go sports fans. Thanks for stopping by, do come again!!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about the finish for the wreath sampler as well. On the website in the gallery section, there is a finish by Joann Hoffman. She added a design to the center-it looks really pretty. I know you will finish long before I do, so I am counting on you for an inspirational finish!
I so enjoy reading your blog every day-it's one of the first ones I read.
I have family in the Bay Area-my son used to live on McAllister near the Farmer's Market. I love all of your pics of the city, and of course your hounds.
Have a great weekend, Edgar.
Susan in SoCal

Sadie said...

There is really nothing better than hot soup on a cold day. I am a great fan of soup too.
Look forward to seeing your SoHRH. Have a great weekend x

Margaret said...

Whoa, that is some mural! Spectacular! I love soup on a cold day! My favorite thing ever!

KimV said...

Thanks Edgar, I love sheepish designs... I'll have to go in search of charts now. I love how you tied it together.

Mel said...

That is a beautiful mural!

Never underestimate soup. :)

Carol R said...

Wonton soup is one of my favourites!
You two have a lovely weekend - I am home alone so - no chores just 2 days of stitching!

Berit said...

Marc favors a wonton-eggdrop mix. It's just the wontons put into eggdrop soup instead of their standard broth.

We had dimsum at a palce over in queens last weekend--good, but not as good as NYC chinatown, I thought.

I wish we had nice murals like that here. Here, it's just one-color "bombs" (just hasty signatures). I was pretty disappointed about that when I moved here to the Big Apple (Tri-state area) from the Big Potato (What a friend jokingly calls our hometown, Tulsa, Ok) because all the graffiti here was just vandalism. Even in Tulsa there were some artists who were really into it and did some nice stuff, mosly like this guy, but on a smaller scale:

Maybe they are somewhere around, but I've yet to see them. I don't think it should be such a hunt! That guy I linked to was (and maybe is) partially suppored by the German gov't for a while! The attitude towards the arts can be so disappointing sometimes in this country

ariadne said...

Thank you Edgar for referring to my blog!You are so kind! I am not a quick stitcher like you but you are motivating me!AriadnefromGreece!

Kathy A. said...

That mural is stunning!

Jenny said...

Hi Edgar! I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing my blog address with all of your readers. That is so very kind and generous of you! Stitchers are just the best kind of people!
Have a wonderful weekend with lots of movie watching, stitching and baking!
Now I have to pop in and check out Ariadne's blog!

Katherine said...

Hey Edgar! I think your mural is a Phoenix - you know, like Faulks in Harry Potter?

Yum, soup sounds good. My son is a soup lover so I've come up with some yummy ones over the years. One of our favorites is Meatball Soup! Dead easy and souper good on a cold day.

DonnaTN said...

I just watched the weather and next week is supposed to be REALLY cold for Memphis - highs of 29 or 30 and lows in the mid to upper teens. Soup sounds really good about now and of course chili!

riona said...

Another soup fan here ... last weekend I roasted a chicken and then made home-made chicken/ vegetable soup with pastina ... just the thing for us as we both had nasty winter colds.

The mural is amazing ... all we tend to see in the NYC metro area are hastily scrawled gang signs.

I hope you and Rico have a wonderful weekend ... is he fully recovered and done with physical therapy?

Lynn B said...

No worries Edgar, I am just so happy that I am going to receive something stitched by you, I have been a fan of your work for some time!

Lynn B

diamondc said...

Edgar: I love your posting today the soup sounds yummy, my husband has soup almost everyday its soooo good for you.
I am posting the Tea Towels tomorrow I an so sorry I have not done so earlier, its just mad haveing two people gone from work, it makes me much bussier.
Happy Newyear

Sherry :o) said...

I agree with your Edgar, it sure does feel like you are out of the loop and need to have a big sit-down "conversation" with the computer when I get back to catching up with everyone.

Your pictures of your city are amazing...I love my little city but would love to have somewhere big to go to...

Can't wait to see your progress on HR and the wreath!

Margaret wong said...

That's definitely a Pheonix and a peony flower. I guess it's because Chinese new Year is coming up on 3 & $ February, that's why they painted the mural?