Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Abundance

GR&DF we are at Thursday and looking at the weekend - the week has zoomed by pretty fast. No real plans except a couple of Estate sales that have popped up.

Yesterday was a weekly visit to the Civic Center Farmers Market - the Summer Harvest is just pouring in - going to be mighty busy putting up some more jam this weekend - as planned from last week. I just have to strike while the iron is hot and the fruit is so plentiful.

At the market I got a few nice shots to share...

There where just boxes and boxes of fruit...

also bunches of fresh basil - last night Rico made a great pasta Carbonara with some - delicious!!

...some of the largest and weirdest cauliflower I had ever seen!!

Lastly where these beautiful eggplants all a rich purple.

The stitching last night was working on an upcoming exchange piece - in fact for the next few days on and off I will be exchange stitching.

The flicker last night from Netflix was Disc I of a multi disc set of the BBC Classic show "Are You Being Served " - 1972/1985. What a great show - and the first disc is a super 3 hrs long!!

Going back and talking about ATS - I have a couple of things I have kitted up that I want to stitch first before I start in on ATS. However it may be that once I get my hands on the linen (another trip to NIAH - WooHoo!!) I may have to just jump right in.... time will tell.

There you go sports fans - thank you again for stopping by!!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Edgar - Are you Being Served? that really takes me back to my childhood - all those jokes about Mrs Slocombe's pussy (mind you that isn't rude in the US I guess??) and Mr Humphries "I'm free!"...

Guildford, UK

Meadows08 said...

Are You Being Served is hilarious (and dirty & saucy in a sly way.) I love British humour.

Berit said...

I love Are You Being Served--and that Cauliflower is taking "Flower" to the max! Are you really-really gonna do ATS?! How big a piece of linen would you need? (I'm assuming you'd do it on 36 or 40.)

Rico's pasta sounds so good-I love fresh basil!

Rachel S said...

Great pictures!

Are you Being Served is one of my favorite shows. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

DonnaTN said...

Oh the plums and the basil! I have never seen such a long skinny eggplant! We just have the regular variety here. Got to love those British comedies!

Jules said...

Beautiful pictures as always!

"Are you being served?" is just one of many BBC shows that are great! I used to talk to one of my good friends in England about these cool shows I was watching and he'd be like "Yeah, they are all reruns!"

Funny thing is, I don't like Monty Python!?

Vicky said...

Are you free Mr Granger LOL. I love that show. Just a shame that most of the cast members have now passed.

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