Thursday, July 29, 2010

Farmers Market Snaps

GR&DF yesterday was my weekly visit to the Civic Center Farmers Market and I got a bunch of snaps to share -

Walking over there I pass the Orpheum Theatre and I always take a moment to admire this great old building - built in 1926 it is a grand old space.

This is a snap pf the ceiling on the outside space you walk through to go inside.

I usually start at the Market Street end and work my way towards City Hall - looking past the tents of things I was amazed to see.....

...the UN Fountain working - this fountain is more often not going than going - and yesterday in the bright cool sunshine it was splashing and shooting merrily along. If you go HERE you can read a bunch of stuff about the Civic Center/Tenderloin Area.

.. and the flower guy had some beautiful flowers....

... there was just piles of corn - it seems almost like a bumper crop this year!!

... I picked up some of these lovely tomatoes and cukes.....

... these where just calling out for a snap- the mix of yellow and green was striking..

.. and at the other end a flower guy there had some great sunflowers...

... how could I pass this pile of red peppers without getting a snap!!

I also picked up some string beans, ginger root, lemons, Brussels sprouts and some okra. Tonight will be a fried chicken and veg dinner!! Totally a summer menu from my childhood!!

That's about it for today - stop by tomorrow for some snaps of our 24th Street stop on the way home yesterday.

Thanks again for stopping by - do come again!!

Take care,


Ruth said...

Great photos as always Edgar. How do you do your fried chicken and vegetables? Sounds yummy!

Margaret said...

I always love to see your pics of the farmer's market and SF in general. Wonderful as always!

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Wow the flowers, fruits and vegetables look great and the prices seem to be good also.

How nice that you have this market to shop at.

Have a great weekend -- Roberta

Lisa S said...

Great pics Edgar!!
SanFran is one place I have always wanted to go to! I really enjoy seeing it through your camera lens. It makes me want to go there more!
I will be looking forwad to seeing more pics ;)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful city!


DonnaTN said...

Those red peppers are so pretty! I love fresh red pepper. If I lived near by, I'd accidently on purpose stop by about dinner time to get some fried chicken and okra!

Deborah said...

I am so jealous! I live no where near a wonderful farmers market like yours.

Sharon said...

You have been blessed with such an eye for getting just the right photo's. Your combination of colors are awesome. I just love it when you share your city shots with us. Right now, we're sweltering here in Florida. About the only pic I could post of our local views would be the vapors rising off the pavement. :( Again thanks,for always taking us along on your journeys!