Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picture Perfect Wednesday - Lots of Snaps

GR&DF today's picture heavy post will certainly make up for the lack of snaps in yesterdays post. As it was a Farmers Market Day and we had a dinner out - lots of visuals accompany today's post. I do like to have a picture or two in a post as it does make the Blog a bit more interesting.

Lets start off with some Farmers Market snaps - It was a grey, cool and windy day so the light was a bit off- I did go back and kick up the bright and contrast so that the pictures pop a bit - I don't think it even got to 60 yesterday temperature wise. I think we are going to get a bit warmer this weekend - but I will believe that when I see it!

There was lots and lots of typically summer things in abundance -

This guys booth is where I usually get all my onions - always a little better price - and yesterday he had a load of delicious melons. If there wasn't half of one in the fridge right now I would have gotten one of these - and you can see the piles of onions he always has in the background.

There was lots of okra out also - I never buy the stuff as Rico wont eat it at all, but I love it!! Boiled, stewed, fried, pickled - I love it all ways. These where on the big side, but other booths has some really nice small pods.

and of course there was lots of corn.

Here is a snap of my purchases - I usually just get what we can use until the next visit to a farmers market - which I think will be on Sunday.

Last night we were meeting a friend and going out for Chinese. We got there a bit early - it is only about 4 mins from where we live so we had some time to shop around some of the stores there on Church Street.

The Noe Valley Pet Co. is the greatest little pet store - so well laid out and cute. If you look closely in the doorway you can see the cutest little puppy. He was in total dog heaven with all the stuff to sniff in the store. We picked up some chew things that the who-hounds like and some ear wipes for the Pete.

Independent Nature is the the greatest little plant shop. On YELP they get very nice reviews. The location they are in used to be a consignment/antique shop. Now the owner of the space has split the space into two small spaces - IN is in the right side. If you walk all the way through the shop to the back patio area there are some super plants.

I love geraniums and there was a pile of the scented ones - which I think are just great -chocolate, lemon and rose - so unusual and beautiful. Always loved them and now may have to get some for the balcony.

I climbed up some steps I don't think I should have to get this shot of Rico and the tiny space that is the back garden. It is very small be just crammed full of some very interesting and beautiful plants. Rico ended up getting a lovely little rose bush called sea mist or sea foam - pale pink flowers that look like old fashioned climbing roses (with all the pictures I got I did not get one of this rose). After putting the purchases in the car we headed across the street, yes I got me some perfect parking.......

Where we ordered some avocado egg rolls - no snap - the are great rolls full of delicious avocado and served with a vinegar type sauce - yummy!!

For the main course we got three different dishes -

chicken with black and white sesame seeds - succulent bits of chicken in a savory sauce -

this wonderful dish of mushrooms, water chestnuts and snow peas - and-

a dish I always order - walnut prawns - this is probably the least Chinese/Asian dish on the table, but I really love it!!

There you go sports fans - just another day in big City. Tonight will be much less fun - a trip to the grocery store and then home to do a load of laundry - can we get a less than enthusiastic - woo, hoo.

Thanks for stopping by do come again!!

Take care,


Kathy said...

Beautiful photos. I love the one of the garden. It looks so peaceful.

By the way, FYI, instead of buying special ear wipes for the pups you can use plain old baby wipes. I use the ones for delicate skin with aloe. They work great and cost a lot less. :)

Berit said...

Those prawns or shrimp with nuts might be more Chinese than you think--our "favorite" local Chinese place (In NJ, not NYC of course) serves them and when we go with our good friend Tak, who is Chinese, there's always an order of them. But, then again, there are usually like 6 or 7 people and like 12 dishes on the table. Yes we are nuts and gluttons.

As for Okra, I confess I don't like them either, but thinking about this strict detox diet I am on I could actually eat them so I would soldier through, lol. There is just precious little I can eat--I can't even have salad dressing (because I can't have vinegar or sugars), so I have to stay home and make my own or use olive oil and lemon. boo-hoo! Ah well, even if there's "no food" there is still the solace of stitching! Have a good one. :D

Natasha said...

Great photos. Sweet parking spot :) And the food looks so yummy! When I get back from my midwest visit I am going to buy some okra, I have been waiting for it to come into our market :)

Take Care and happy stitches

BrendaS said...

I always love coming to your blog to see your great pictures. The food looks especially good!

Thanks so much for sharing things about your beautiful city.

Denise said...

Too bad Rico doesn't like okra!
We're having some tonight (that bad fried kind!) fresh out of the garden.
I always enjoy the farmer's market photos. Enjoy those cool breezes.
Our tomorrow temps are suppose to be 99!

Margaret said...

It's always so great to imagine you all wandering the streets of SF and getting all these wonderful pics. Oh boy, would I go for some real Chinese food about now! We need to go into NYC for the good good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks yummy, Edgar! I love okra- should have been a southern belle instead of a Yankee! Nancy
ps I love SF but don't know how you drive there!

DonnaTN said...

It looks like you live in a really neat place. I love okra, Southern girl that I am. I love it coated in corn meal and fried until really crispy. (Some might say too crispy!) But times being what they are, I don't eat that much fried food anymore. It is a very rare treat!

April Mechelle said...

Tell Rico he does know what he is missing not eating Orka.. This coming from a southern Alabama gal. Cut him some orka, green tomatoes, onion and small crook neck squash. Cut those all up and mix together. Coat with cornmeal and heat that Crisco up. Season with salt and pepper and FRY It UP together. YUMMY. He will like that.
LOL Have the fresh sliced tomatoes ready to go with it. Add Meatloaf too. Have a great day !

Anna van Schurman said...

You know you live in the city when your parking spot warrants a photo!

Isadarena said...

Wow : your pictures are so fantastic: thanks so much for this wonderful trip :-))The garden photos are just peaceful !
Have a nice week-end ,

Hazel said...

Wowza are they melons??? They are huge! I love okra too. Had some last night in fact from the Indian Takeaway. Food looks delish.

Lynette said...

Great pictures Edgar! The pictures of your Chinese food had me drooling!