Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Garden Path" and some Commenting

GR&DF I am humbled by all the kind comments yesterday regarding my framing efforts. Warming this cold morning with such sweet thoughts makes this old Blog a real joy!! Thank You!

I wanted to start off with a new stitching snap - since I have focused most of my stitching attentions on exchange stitching there have been very few snaps of any current WIP. If you cast back your mind you may remember that I am working on "The Garden Path" sampler by Sheepish Designs - and here is a an updated snap of the progress -

This great little sampler is coming right along. I really enjoy samplers - the traditional motifs and the sometimes quirky bits make these really charming. I have really fallen for the Tennessee sampler charts that are out there and have collected a few to stitch. I was very excited to see the new issue of SANQ as there is a great article AND a charted sampler from Tennessee to stitch up. I will have to change out the tree colours since they are really bright.

I wanted to answer some questions from the comments -

Carol asked about the sampler hanging above Ellen - that is called "This is the Day" by Hands to Work and appeared in an issue of JCS a couple of years ago. A great piece to stitch. I changed up the floss colours from the recommended ones.

Margaret asked about the frames I got - I will usually buy a frame or frames either because I already have a piece that might work already stitched and waiting - or more often than not just because the piece is a great price and I might at some point stitch something that may fit. The past weekend was a total fluke that both frames fit something I already had. I hadn't framed anything in the longest time and I was getting antsy to get something thing framed - so I just lucked out. I use the pin around the edges method - I like this method much better than lacing.

Lisa M and Rachel S asked about the two pieces that the frames had in them when I got them. I still have them, but what to do with them I haven't a clue. The medical piece is stuck to a slim piece of card board and the little flower print is loose. Suggestions??

Donna asked about the Bison- there is actually a herd in the paddock. If you look very closely you can sort of see them huddled up in the Bison Hut. It is very dark up in there so it is very hard to see them.

Also over the weekend we ran out to dinner at Chevy's - we had a guest in town and they like Chevy's. While out at the Mall we went in the Hallmark store - big mistake - they have out, not only some totally cute Halloween stuff but have started to put out the Annual ornaments. Resistance was running on low - for both of us and Rico caved and got his annual "Doorways Around the World" -

This year it is Italy - another great doorway - I of course am a great fan of the Noah and the Ark Bible story - and of course this piece totally popped....

I picked this up and put it down, then picked it up again, then put it down.... Rico picked it up, rolled his eyes and bought it for me - how sweet!! There are a few others that we might get - like we need anything else for the tree!!

There you go sports fans, again thank you for stopping by and for the kind comments!!!!

Take care,


BrendaS said...

Garden Path is really coming along. I love the colors in this.

Thanks for sharing

Jan said...

OH boy, that is going to be an ever so lovely sampler, Edgar! Going to have to hunt that one down, I am thinking...I NEED it!!

Also love the Hallmark ornament purchase story, I would have done the same thing, pick it up, put it down, pick it up...:)

Kristen said...

Nice progress on Garden Path, Edgar.

This is the Day is from the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of JCS. I recently picked up this issue - can't remember where - but it's still around.

Isadarena said...

Hi Edgar, your Garden Path Sampler is turning out lovely. I love the samplers although I didn't stich many yet :-)
Thanks for sharing with us your purchase stroy : too funny !! but to be honest I make often that too :-))

Margaret said...

Love your Garden Path sampler! Just lovely! Thanks for answering my question. It's so great that those frames just happened to be the right size! Now for me to learn framing.... The Hallmark ornaments -- oh yes, they're always a weakness of mine as well! lol! I love that doorway series, and yes, I love Noah's Ark!

Deborah said...

I love Garden Path. The border is beautiful.

DonnaTN said...

The Garden Path is looking good. The new ornaments are cute.

Kathy said...

Garden Path is looking lovely. This will be a fabulous addition to your wall.

Sharlotte said...

Hey Edgar,
You get lots of cards from things that people mail you. I don't know if you keep them or not. If so you must have a ton!! Anyway, if you do keep them , you could use that floral picture and decoupage (sp?) in onto a box to store the cards in. Just a little thought.

Glenda said...

Left you a email today, so please check. Love your work and sense of style, maybe because its just like me. lol Listen out for my TN accent, we just might meet up on the streets of San Fran.

Kielrain said...

Garden Path is sure coming along nice. I really like that type of border on samplers. Well, I like a lot of the borders on samplers!

Berit said...

"Doorways around the world"?! I hadn't heard of that but it does sound awesome! Please think of showing us some of your non-stitchy ornament collection this holiday! :D

This piece is just blasting right along--I honestly can't recall when you started it! I especially love the 2010 font.

Berit said...

P.S. Hallowe'en Display = Yes.

Now I'm eager to shuffle over to a Hallmark to view my local offerings, lol!

Sharon said...

I LOVE how Garden Path is coming along. It's going to be stunnng - will it be joining "the great wall"?
My hubby has been collecting all of the Hallmark ornaments relating to Star Wars/ Star Trek each year from their original releases. Until we started decorating two trees, we had quite the ecletic mix on our tree! I like stitched and hand-painted ornaments- plus all those precious hand-made ornaments that our not-so-little guy made all those years ago. Add in the Star Wars/Star Trek ornaments to my preferenes and...well, let's just say that at one point, I think I was just using the tinsel to hide the tree - not accent it. It was a weird mix, I'm just saying.... :)
Rico's a sweetie - you should take him to your favorite LNS and play the "pick it up, put it down" game and see how far you can roll with this! :) :) :)

Jules said...

Ah yes! One of the things I kind of miss about working in a Hallmark shop - all of those WONDERFUL ornaments that get put out in July each and every year!! LOL...It was always great being among the first to preview the new ornies.

Your WIP is looking great! I really love the look of the "2010".

My Life In Stitches said...

I love your header photo.

My daughter's room was done in Noah's Ark so I have gotten Hallmark's Noah's Ark ornie every year since 2000 except the one year they didn't do one.

Your stitching is really wonderful.

Valerie said...

Garden Path is just lovely! Such gorgeous colors!

Your framed pieces are perfect! Isn't it nice to find a bargain frame AND be able to use it?? Thanks for sharing your needlework wall...you are quite an amazing stitcher, Edgar!

I truly enjoy following your positive and engaging blog...keep up the good work!

Carol said...

Thanks for the info on the sampler. I'll have to find that issue! I like Garden Path, too. Very nice!

Ann Flowers said...

Such a wonderful set! I love this card, too - so cheery. I need to get busy!

Peggy Lee said...

Tremendous progress on Garden Path. I really like that one.
Christmas ornaments already??? I can't even begin to think Christmas just yet!

Mary said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I was away the past week and internet service was "iffy" at best, so I've missed a whole weeks worth of posts. Thankfully, I am now up to date.

Completely off topic, I just heard on the news that San Fran is going to ban all pet shops from selling pets saying people can go to a shelter and get a pet that way. What's your opinion?

That's all (for now)!

Vonna said...

Don't get me started on Hallmark ornaments...Oh heaven's to mercy! Speaking of...(see here I go) do you have the lighthouse ones?
LOVE LOVE LOVE the doorways (but I digress)
Rico is my kinda take charge guy :) YAY for him spoiling you!
LOVE your EE&F sampler...your just bamming that one out!

Jo said...

Beautiful stitching as always. Not fair about the ornies already. Love Rico's Door Series, but I collect Noah's too and now I will have to get to Hallmark to get mine. :)