Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mailing Exchanges and Alphabet Blocks

GR&DF thank you all for the kind comments. I do appreciate the time and effort. I still haven't taken the "new" quilt up to the second bedroom yet. It is still on my ratty happy chair I stitch in. It is a cozy thing to have around...... it may never make it to the guest bed.

This morning the mails take my last two exchanges for 2009. One has not too far and the other has quite a way to go. I so love making, sending and receiving exchanges.

My stitching for the evening was only a small bit on Ellen so I didn't bother with a snap. I also hauled out the floss' for CHS Alphabet Blocks - I find that even though I have a majority of the floss I may be a bit short on the Black Crow. I am also having to make the decision about the fill for each of the letters. In the photo on chart the fill that Terri chose was Whiskey, a lovely yellowy colour I like - the chart calls for Bittersweet - a bright orangey colour I am not fond of. Now I am thinking I like the ornagey of the bittersweet but think I may like a softer orange shade like Copper Penny........ I am usually not a very orange type of person, but kind of like copper penny shade of orange. I have also narrowed it down to 3 pieces of linen from my stash - - all Silkweaver splotchy pieces. Remember I am trying to stay within my stash and I can do ti all for the Black Crow for the lines and whatever I end up with for the fill, I need to order that. This will be started on Thanksgiving even if I only put a couple of stitches in - it will start. The day is fast approaching that I will have to jump and make the decision!

There you go sports fans - a short and sweet post. Thanks for stopping by - do come again!

Take care,


Cole said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress on Alphabet Blocks, that's such a beautiful piece! And love your framing job in the last post, looks great!

Berit said...

Our dogs used to roll their eyes around in anticipatory excitement (while preparing to go for the walk, or when they know that you're putting something delicious in their bowl, and can't wait for you to hurry up and lower it to the ground.) Do your hounds do this, too? (The animal I'm remembering was a spaniel, I think).

Well, that's how I feel while knowing that you will be starting this piece in about 2 short days! I think it's ENTIRELY reasonable to buy one or two skeins to have everything for this project--doesn't count as stash-buying At All

Siobhan said...

Have fun with the alphabet blocks! It is a fun piece to stitch. I'm not a big orange fan, either, but found that the Bittersweet worked well with the other colors. I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to use.

Tracey said...

I have been telling myself I won't buy any new patterns, just supplies for ones I already have(if I need to)- unfortunately I haven't kept entirely to that- got a great deal on ebay the other day on a pattern I wanted by Homespun Elegance- but I am still trying. I didn't do much stitching last night either-just a few stitches on a Tinkerbell piece- a present for my daughter. I was so tired last night.

ariadne said...

Dear Edgar,
I always follow the comments I make on your blog and read other people's comments.Today there were two comments who seemed normal but had links to indecent context.I suppose you deleted them.
Anyway to change the subject I am stitching Lanarte's Winter Reverie II. I was wondering if you or any one of your readers has stitched all three of the set.Is it worth it stitching all three?I have not found the other two charts though.

Kielrain said...

I am looking forward to seeing your progess on the alphbet blocks. This is one I have and plan to do just from stash as well. It will be really fun to see how your progress as I know you will have it started, and finished before I even get the bits together!

Casa Pearl said...

I used the Bittersweet on mine and like how it looks with the black crow but that's just my taste. I need to get back to that piece now that you've reminded me!

myriam said...

Oh....no images...dommage!Bonne journée