Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fall Snaps and PS Round 4 Arrives

GR&DF here we are on Turkey Day Eve - gobble gobble - and are we or should I say am I ready....? Well, sort of - I started cooking last night, roasting off the yams, making cranberry sauce and cutting up the sour dough bread for the dressing. Tonight will be a bit more and tomorrow T-Day will be a big push to dinner at around 2:30 in the afternoon. Isn't it odd how we keep the traditions we grow up with. No other meal all year long, excepting for Christmas Dinner and Thanksgiving, are were served in the afternoon. For some reason these two meals where and I just keep repeating what I grew up with. I am trotting over to the farmers market at lunch to get some last minuet fresh veggies I will need - and to resupply my kettle korn bag - its running low.

Yesterday on the way home we ran over to Japan Town and I almost didn't bring my camera from the car - if you can believe that!! I am glad I did as there was some leaf colour in the gardens out front. We don't get much color here in the city due to the Mediterranean climate but this was especially fallish....

You wouldn't even know you were in SF looking at this - Here are some other Fall snaps that were inside the mall area -

Behind glass and inside make for not the best photos but these were lovely arrangements and the snaps are pretty. We went so that Rico could pick up some back massage stick things for a work colleague and I needed (notice how I used that word) to get some more incense. I wanted something to evoke the fall or wintertime and found some sandalwood/clove/spicy stuff that is very nice!!

Asakichi is just a hole in the wall little place but it is packed with some of the most delicious smelling stuff and I keep going back for more.

I saw on the PS Year Long Exchange Blog that the piece I made for Gwen had arrived. Here is a snap -

It is PS #25 - Up on the House Top - stitched on 32ct Vintage Sand Dune using the recommended DMC Floss. I love PS and thought this was really cute - and Gwen likes the piece so all is well!!

There you go sports fans!! Thank you for stopping by and for you kind comments!! Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!! I will be back on Monday.

Take care,


Colleen said...

It amazes me how different So. CA is from No. CA!! DH and I lived in So. CA for many years as did his brother and his family. When they moved up to Weaverville (near Reading) we visited them several times and it reminded me a lot of PA where we live now. The fall colors were gorgeous up there and we had mucho snow!! Of course, we were in the mountains but it always fascinated me how diverse the two areas where. It was like a different state altogether :) I love the pics you show of SF.

Your exchange, as always, is lovely. Even though I've cross stitched for over 30 (OMG!!!) years, the finishing techniques are new to me so I'm a little intimidated. Any suggestions for easy finishing?

Have a wonderful turkey day tomorrow with family and friends!

P.S.---my word verification today is "reding" funny is that???

Margaret said...

Have a great Thanksgiving! I love your pics of Japantown things. :D And your PS exchange as well. Enjoy the holiday! You're good to already have started cooking. :D

Kathy said...

Have a delicious and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Love the PS you did for the exchange. Great finish.

Barb said...

Have a great Thanksgiving-one year I gave my family a fun little pilgrim quiz-what a disaster!! Some of them thought the pilgrims came in the 1800's Oh Dear!! The fall color pics were great. We moved from Louisville-lots of nice color to Seattle,I imagine a bit like SF I still like Seattle much better but so miss the pretty color. Your PS ornament was lovely.Like Coleen, I too, have trouble finishing ornaments!

Jennifer said...

Love the PS exchange piece! I notice quite a few of your ornamnets are displayed on that lovely, twisty vine-like branch. What type of plant is this?

Berit said...

Those ikebana, particularly the third, are REALLY superb.

Your PS is also the height of charming. :D Thanks for sharing.

As for Japanese shopping centers, I just love them. Actually, I'm pretty over-interested in Japan in general, and missed out on a year of exchange study there in HS...barely.

So, here if you care to take a gander is a tour of a local place I made for my "video game" blog a couple of years ago:

Or, you could just put a few more stitches into CHS Alphabet instead, lol :D :D :D

Anna van Schurman said...

We always have Thanksgiving at 2 also. One year I went to a boyfriend's house (in NoCa as it happens) and we ate at 7:00 pm. Ugh. It was awful. Plus we had steamed broccoli. STEAMED. Why would you even eat broccoli if it hadn't been slathered in cheesy bechamel sauce? There was entirely too little fat in that Thanksgiving dinner. It was almost like I was a pilgrim at the original meal.

I'll be sleeping off Thanksgiving when you're starting it, but I will be thinking of you. :)

Brigitte said...

Oh, how I love this little beauty which is only rarely seen on stitching blogs. It's from one of the very few PS books that I don't own. It's wonderful.