Friday, November 6, 2009

Exchanges and EggNog

GR&DF - (gentle readers and dear friends) as that is how I think of those reading my blog/journal in the quiet early mornings here in San Francisco. I have made such nice friends writing here.

I did appreciate the kind words about the Crumbly Fruit effort. It warmed up wonderfully well last night - and a plop of vanilla ice cream sort of all melty on top didn't hurt it one bit!! Nicola asked what recipe I used. Well..... I was inspired by a really wonderful cooking blog - but in my "Mother Hubbard cupboard" I had to improvise up some ingredients. The basic recipe I followed or made up -

a bit of butter
2 Pears, cored and peeled - chunked up
2 green tart apples, cored and peeled - chunked up
2 or three ripeish plums with the stone removed - chunked up

1 cup of rolled oats
2 Tbls butter
dash of cinnamon
a couple of scrapes of a nutmeg
1/2 brown sugar

Melt a bit of butter in a pan and saute all the fruit until it has started to soften up. Butter or spray a shallow baking dish. For the crumbly top - take about half of the oats and grind them up until they are flour like. Pour the oats both ground and whole along with the spices, 2 Tbls butter, and sugar into a small bowl. Work this around with your fingers until it is crumbly. By this time the fruit should be done, pour the fruit in the shallow greased dish and then the topping on the top, spreading it evenly over the fruit. Pop this straight into the oven for about 20 mins or so, until it looks brown and bubbly. Let sit out for 5 mins before serving. Can be topped with whipped cream or ice cream.

Now my improvisation on the recipe was with the oats - of course there wasn't an oat to be found.... except some instant oatmeal packets of Rico's. There where two packets left of maple and brown sugar flavoured - I took both packets and sifted out the flavourings and extra sugar and ended up with some slightly mapley flavoured oats to work with - It wasn't bad - just a little desperate!!

I heard that Shay received the Ornament I made her for the Ornament Swap Exchange we are in - Here is a snap of the piece I made -

It is a Prairie Schooler Design - called "Summer /Winter." This is December from the months. I am so happy that Shay likes it - We both love PS and I thought what a perfect design for her!! I used the recommended DMC but can't remember the linen I used. Last night I was still exchange stitching. This weekend will be a marathon finishing two days getting stuff together for the mails next week.

Last night we went for adjustments with Dr Cindy and on the way home stopped at Jack in the Box - sometimes you just gotta stop!! They have out the Holiday Shakes - well, I am a sucker for the limited time flavour anywhere - and so I got me an egg-nog shake!

Lets just say it was a delicious taste of Christmas and the Holiday Season!! Happy Christmas!!

Thanks for stopping by do come again. A reminder about the DVD drawing today is the last day to thrown you name in the BOD - If you haven't then put a comment on Mondays post!! I will announce the winner on Monday!

Have a great weekend!
Take care,


Sharlotte said...

I haven't been to a Jack in the Box in ages!! Well since about 1980I guess. Eggnog shakes are great. We get them from a place here called Andy's Frozen Custard. We'll go get the shakes and then go looking at Christmas lights. It's become a yearly tradition for several years now. There are some houses here already decorated and lit up! We don't start looking at lights until after Thanksgiving. I love the PS ornament. Don't you just love their designs? You did an excellent job on it! Keeping my fingers crossed for Monday. Have a great weekend!!

Tracey said...

Beautiful ornament!! And thanks for posting how you made the crumble- I hope to try it soon. My blog will have fewer snaps soon too- I've been working away at Christmas gifts!

Margaret said...

Love the ornament! And the recipe -- thanks! As for Jack in the Box -- oh that brings back memories of California! I can't believe Jack in the Box still exists. :D We don't have them here. I don't think I ever saw any except when I lived in California. The good ole days.

Nicola said...

Oooooooh lovely ornament Edgar!

Thanks so much for the recipe, will be trying it out when my fruit has ripened up.

Nancy said...

Such a beautiful ornament! I love Limited Edition flavors too be it food or drink!

Berit said...

Beautiful finish! Is that a little dog riding on the elk/reindeer's back?

Yumm, personally I love the pumpkin holiday flavors! Your fruit desert sounds even better after reading the whole recipe! :P

Barbeeque4 said...

How funny Berit!! I haven't a clue - I hope that it is a teddy bear - but HOK!!

Have a great one - e

Jennifer said...

I love that PS series. Great finish.
Is that a dog treat jar in the background of your shake photo? How cute is that!

J Rae said...

Thanks for sharing the crumble recipe.

The ornament is beautiful!

Lana said...

The ornament is gorgeous!!! Boy, Edgar, I just keep getting further and further from Cali, and everytime you post something about Cali, I get, stop, ok? Just stop!!! lol...I'm kidding, I'm glad you are able to enjoy the many wonders of California!!! That Jack in The Box shake looks so good, but the moment you post a Double Double on here from In-n-Out, I'm lunging in through the computer at you!!! lol...enjoy!

Lisa said...

Love the ornie Edgar! I hear you on the marathon finishing, I have a pile of about 6 or more to get done myself. Good luck!

Cathy B said...

The ornament you stitched for Shay is really nice - great job. I had to go back and look at the fruit crumble on yesterday's post - looks really yummy!

DebbieSFL said...

McDonald's used to do an Eggnog shake here in Tallahassee, but haven't in a few years....loved them...I would buy one everynight after work when they were in season!!

Littlebit said...

Your ornament is beautiful!!

Kellie said...

Your ornament is beautiful. And the eggnog shake looks delicious. Enjoy your weekend, Edgar. :)

MyLifesAStitch said...

Loooove the ornament! I'll have to get the pattern. And I have to say... I am sooo jealous! We used to eat at Jack in the Box a lot when we lived in Tucson, but they aren't here on the east coast. I love egg nog so an egg nog shake would be right up my alley. Yum. Have one for me some time, okay? :)

Charlene said...

Sounds yummy! Improvising is the key to great treats! Love the ornie - beautiful stitching and finishing. Love tasting the seasonal treats, too!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Yum!! Edgar, you and I are twins separated by a continent! What a life we could have together with our food, drinks, movies and stitching. Ahhh Love and hugs, Deb

Siobhan said...

What a gorgeous exchange! I can't wait to see what other exchanges you've been working on. :)