Monday, June 30, 2014

Jury Duty

Gentle Friends, I didn't forget a Post this morning, I had to deal with a Jury Duty Summons and spent the day in Criminal Court seeing if I was going to be picked to serve........  I got moved into 4th Juror spot then there was lots of yadd, yadda, yadda from the lawyers......  then after excusing quite a few others  -  I was I'll be back in the morning with much more interesting post.......




  1. Didn't you just go in for jury duty a few months ago? Geez! DH has been on grand jury duty for over a year now. It's a two year stint, possible call in every Monday and Wednesday. For two years. Ridiculous.

  2. Ugh--I did jury duty a couple of years ago--it was an experience!

  3. I had jury duty two years ago when I was still working. There were a lot of people and there was actually a 50/50 chance of being picked, which the lady said was excellent odds. I got eliminated first round and didn't make it to the courtroom.