Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Scream, You Scream, we all Scream for...........

Gentle Friends, we finally made a stop at one of San Francisco's Ice Cream "Hot Spots."  We have been passing this place going and coming home from work ever since they opened, but never made th time or felt the line was just too long. With the Quirky name of "Humphry Slocombe," a two headed goat on the wall and an every changing menu of interesting tasty flavours, it has garnered a terrific local following.  Usually there line out the door.... and when the weather gets warm outside the line grows down the block.  

Located at the corner of Harrison and 24th Street, parking can be and usually is non-existent.  However, stars aligned yesterday with it being on the cool foggy side and as I drove by I spied an open parking spot, so I turned around, parked and we ventured in.......  as you walk in you are greeted by this colourful painting of a Lucha Libre wrestler.....

... then you look up at the daily, ever changing flavour menu......

....  a signature flavour is "Secret Breakfast" which is a bourbon laced ice cream with corn flake cookie crumbles, a really very tasty ice cream.  You step up to the dipping counter......

....  with so many different choices you may think it hard to decide, but, no, all you need do is ask for a taste, and you can taste any and all of the flavours they have.....  nice!!!!  I did try secret breakfast an black sesame, both really tasty!!  However I went with...

.. cinnamon brittle,
 a cinnamon ice cream with bit of cinnamon candy crumbled into the mix.  

Rico went with...
... black sesame.  You can even watch the ice cream being made.....

... or get a mug with a picture of the signature double headed goat.  It's a fun stop in the Mission.... the only down side are the long lines, but I hear they move quickly.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!

Take care,


  1. We tried the local ice cream parlor in Denton a few weeks back. It's called "Sara Beth's." They were rather tasty. I haven't really been buying ice cream lately because we just got a Cuisinart ice cream maker and we've been making our own. It does a good job and the resulting ice cream is really tasty.

  2. It is getting to be ice cream weather! There is a place here called Brewster's, and we got a cone a couple of nights ago. I had Sea Salt Caramel with Toffee!

  3. Yum! This place looks wonderful :)

  4. Your San Francisco Posts are a pleasure to read. I have always been something of an armchair traveler and your vivid descriptions and your photos make me feel as if I have visited your lovely city.

  5. Yum....glad you got in the door. Love creative ice cream flavors.

  6. I've been so into ice cream lately, yet I'm not quite seems to me that I just can't quite scratch that ice cream itch...but I bet one of these favours might do it! Thanks for sharing this fun place with us.

  7. Looks wonderful! What does black sesame taste like, I wonder? Or Cinnamon brittle? Very interesting flavors!

  8. Bourbon & Coke float? Really?? The West Coast gets all the fun!!

  9. We have a place called Mora, I could live on their ice cream!!!Your place looks so interesting.

  10. Sheer pleasure!!! YUM YUM.... lol

  11. Wow, such different flavors!! Lovely shots

  12. Secret Breakfast sounds like it was inspired by "Hair of the Dog"! Love your SF foodie posts-nothing like that here!

  13. Wow those sound like some wonderful flavors. I would love to try the Sorbets- especially the lemon ginger and the coconut.
    The choices the two of you made look outstanding.