Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Market Snaps and Pepper jelly

Gentle friends, we stopped by the Farmers Market again on Sunday and here's some snaps.....

... it was an overcast cool day, with temps in the upper 50's, a typical Summer day here by the Bay..... loving the cool weather!!

... this is the "corn guy" we got more corn from him and have been enjoying it the last couple of days.

... we also picked up some mushrooms from Mushroom Adventures from Marysville......

... a nice bright spot on a grey day...... 

 I also wanted to pick up some peppers, I saw lots of different kinds the week before and really got a hankering to make some of my Dad's Pepper Jelly.  He used to make dozens of jars of the stuff yearly to give away around Christmas.  It was some good stuff!! 

 I've tried many different brands of Pepper Jelly over the years and none really compares to the sweet/hot stuff my dad made.  I think one of the reasons is that he used quite a few more peppers than most recipes call for and that really makes all the difference - with his recipe in hand, I set out to make some myself......

... gathered up the fixins' and wham bam, about an hour later I was pulling these from their water bath.....

... there was actually a ladle or so left after filling the jars that I poured into one of the extra jars and put in the fridge, so we could get a taste.  I had forgotten that my dad's recipe made a stiffer jelly than I like, so the batch I make tonight I'll cut back some on the pectin and see how that goes - you know I can never leave a recipe alone and always tweak things as I go along........

... it tasted perfect and was great on this onion bagel last night!!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!!

Take care,


  1. Passed down family recipes are always the best, they give us such wonderful memories of days gone by... enjoy!

  2. You are always doing things that look so fun! That pepper jelly looks amazing!

  3. An amazing market, and the pepper jelly looks delicious!

  4. Pepper jelly, sounds delicious

  5. Pepper jelly, YUMMO!!! I would beg for the recipe, but I have no idea how to can, so it would be a waste! I will have to content myself with scoping out the local markets. =)

  6. Is this a recipe you'll be sharing? The store bought stuff is just not so good, is it?

  7. What an awesome market!!! The pepper jelly looks great!

  8. Pepper jelly? I've never heard of such a thing! lol! Looks interesting. Love the market pics!

  9. I never thought of putting some hot peppers in my pepper jelly. I will do that when my peppers are ready from the garden in late summer. that bagel, cream cheese and pepper jelly looked delicious.

  10. Pepper jelly from scratch is the best! Yours looks so good! I bet it tastes great because you used those to die for yellow ware bowls. Ha! They are so pretty! Enjoy and keep those memories coming.

  11. Mmm the jalapenos in that should make it really good.

  12. Dearest Edgar: Lovely pictures of the Farmers Market, I love peppers, the jam looks so good I think I will try making some this week-end.