Friday, March 25, 2011

Stitchin' and a Rippin'

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends wrapping up this week we end on another very damp note.  Yesterday we had some pretty heavy rain storms.  Lucky me was out walking back and forth between the offices three - count them - 3 times - so my day stayed pretty damp!!!  Today we will be having those intermittent type rains - with - one hopes -  lots of breaks!

I have been stitching steadily on the ABC Hornbook for the last few days.  I thought I was just breezing along and stitching away just fine - little did I know that I had miss counted two threads up and one over.  I ran up against my mistake on Wednesday evening.  I was very exasperated with myself!!  I tried to figure if I could fudge it a bit and make it work - but to no avail - it needed a major rip-rip-rip.  So that's what I did last night I pulled out a ton of stitching and started back where I had made the mistake.  Although I was sad to see the work pulled out I knew it would have driven me crazy to have everything off and wonky.  Even with the piece being a bit wonky in design - it would have been much to off in the end.  I usually count twice to stitch once, but this time I should have counted thrice!!  I'll have a snap on Monday - or maybe Tuesday.

Last night the flicker was "Fallen Angel" - 1945 - starring Alice Faye, Dana Andrews, Linda Darnell, Charles Bickford and Anne Revere.  Directed by Otto Preminger, this follow up Film Noir to his 1944 release (and much more famous) "Laura" - is usually cast aside as not as good and completely neglected.  I found this super B&W film to be really spectacular.  The acting was top notch - from the subtle grifter type that Andrews plays to the slutty Darnell - everyone was perfectly cast - the camera work superior - and the lighting/closeups and long takes make this film well worth a look!!

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thank you all for your kind comments and stopping by for a visit.  Do come again!!

Take care,


Margaret said...

Ugh! Both on the back and forth between offices in the rain and on the ripping! Argh! My sympathies on the ripping -- I so hate when that happens! Good luck with the office. Hope you're almost done with the move!

Teresa said...

Nothing worse that being off by so little and not having a choice but to rip out and start over. You not alone I have done the same thing. Thanks for the rain we have down south now.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Barb said...

I feel your pain! I,too, have spent too many hours ripping! Sometimes you can fudge, others you just can't. Up here in Seattle we are also seeing lots of the wet weather. Poor you having to move in it! Good luck.

DonnaTN said...

Sometimes it doesn't matter how many times I count, it just doesn't come out right! It is particularly bad when I rip out and then turn around and do the same dumb thing again! Alas,like you, I know it will drive me crazy if I don't fix it. Hope that either the rain or the big move is finished soon. Have a fun weekend.

Berit said...

Darn and Drat! Did the fox have to come out? ;)

I can understand, there is wonky, and then there is "too wonky".

Have a great (dry) weekend!

Alice said...

I hate when that happens! It just happened to me last week, but I had to rip it out... I can't stand it not being right.

Kathy said...

Here's hoping your weekend is drier and you are able to stitch, stitch, stitch!

Michelle said...

I had to do the same thing Tuesday night - major ripping! So frustrating, but I do feel better after everything is corrected.

Simple Pleasure said...

Seems there's a lot of froggin' going on here, too!!! I've found using a Gingher 4" curved blade embroidery scissor speeds the job along!
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

Deborah said...

Hope your weekend is better and you have some great stitching time. Gotta make up for the rip rip rip.

Maggie O said...

What a week, rain and ripping, but you will feel better about the stitching. It is always tempting to keep going (kinda like life)but like your Mum says "if it doesn't feel right/good" then take care of it. Good for you!! Can't wait to see the pics.

Vicky said...

Sorry to hear about the rain and the frog visiting.
We are moving offices in November, any tips :)