Thursday, March 24, 2011

TCM Tribute April 10, 2011

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends as I continue to think about Elizabeth Taylor's death yesterday my thoughts are drawn to her film legacy.  She was many things to each decade - from budding star in the early forties and small rolls through the decade - to the 1950's where she tested her acting abilities with more grown up rolls - as the decade was ending she was hitting her stride as a screen goddess and top movie actress.  The 1960's dawned on a roll she did not want but won her that elusive 1st Oscar.  As the rest of the decade unfolded she played other great rolls - being the good, the bad and even the ugly!!.  The 1970's saw her with fewer quality acting opportunities and her screen career wained, but she found other outlets for her abilities and fame.  

TCM (the best teevee station out there) is having a 24 hour retrospective of her work on Sunday, April 10, 2011.  Click HERE to see a schedule of the films they will be showing.  There are some really good choices.

My list of the top 11 
Elizabeth Taylor Films are:

Giant - 1956
Cleopatra - 1963
The VIP's - 1963
Little Women - 1949

I just couldn't cut the list to 10 - and here are two other films - "Life with Father" - 1947 - a great small part and "Father of the Bride" - 1950 - a super film.  She led such an amazing life journey - growing up on film and in front of the world.  Making big and small mistakes as we all do - and also making huge contributions to humanity.  Her life and legacy will not soon be forgotten.

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Val said...

I loved Elizabeth in her small part in Jane Eyre. She was a beautiful child as well as a woman. Little Women is also a favorite.

It's is so sad when someone of great stature passes. Even though we didn't personally know them. They touched us.

Margaret said...

Oh gosh, I hope you give us a reminder about this closer to the day. I'd really like to settle down and enjoy. Not sure if my son will like it, but too bad. (He likes war movies and violence. lol!) Thank you for pointing it out. It's so sad to think she's gone.

Barb said...

Thanks so much for the heads up on when her movies will be shown. I said yesterday that I hoped TMC would do a special day for her films. I definitely want to see them, some for the second or third time.

Alice said...

The Taming of the Shrew. Ahhh.

Anonymous said...

Always ny fave for most beautiful actress.

Her best movies are Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Virginia Woolf, and Raintree County for me.

Mary in TN

Sharon said...

I am always awestruck when I see her films. Thanks for the info Edgar!

Carol R said...

One of the world's most beautiful women. Her violet eyes and 2 layers of natural eyelashes certainly did her justice. And such a wonderful actress too. She will be missed.

Dianne said...

Thank you for directing me to TCM! I didn't know about it! You are a dear!

One of my Elizabeth Taylor favorites was Butterfield 8. Lawrence Harvey was her costar. I didn't think about the film because I was watching her she played her role.......her range of foles taught me so much about being an audience.


Katherine said...

I so agree with you on Giant being her best. I was always fascinated by her and thought that the whole Hunt Country Lot here were way too mean to her when she was married to John Warner. Always wondered how they'd look under the microscope she was always under. Also, a question - in your blog header photo is a piece with the alphabet, shows in blues, mostly. I saw it this week at the Woodlawn Needlework Show, done as an ABC book. Can you tell me the chart? Thanks bunches for the heads up on the film marathon.

Shelleen said...

I never saw her films but plan on watching the marathon April 10th. i did see her in The Flintstones and when she was on General Hospital, a long time ago.