Monday, March 14, 2011

A New Burger Place - Old and New Stitching

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends another wet and breezy Monday here in the Bay area.  We are supposed to have rain off and on for most of the week.  The weekend was on the dry side Saturday and overcast and sprinkly on Sunday.  Typical for this time of year.

Friday we started off the weekend by not cooking dinner at home and going out.  We opted for a burger and tried a new place (to us) - Urban Burger - click HERE to got to their web site.  It was a dry evening and we had some super parking mojo - finding a spot within a few minutes.

It is a small place right on Valencia Street in the Mission District.  They have a pretty extensive menu with lots of specialty burgers....

Since it was my first time there I went for a plain old cheeseburger.  They have notices all over that they cook their burgers to medium well - for me that's way over done.  I likes my steak and steak products rare - it can't be too rare for me.  I always say "If it's still mooing then its done enough."  I got mine on Texas Toast instead of a bun..... and I got frings (onion rings and fries).......

I must say - it was pretty doggone tasty!!!  AND we will be back!!  The service was super fast.

The Estate Sales and such sort of sucked and there was not much to buy at all.  I picked up a 1st Edition  of "Simcas Cuisine."  Written by Simone Beck, it is a wonderful book of menus with accompanying recipes.

On the stitching front I finished up the sails in the large square on Shores.  
Here is an overall shot of the entire piece...

Sorry for the craptastique snapperoo - but once again it was the late at night - and lamps + flash sort of suck.  I am super happy to be done with the sails, now only the anchor, sea and compass and this sqaure will be done.

Other stitching I started, yes - I said started  - was a piece I had thought about doing a while back but as with so many things it got pushed back into the stash heap.  I started to think about it again with the passing of Lisa Roswell  - actually I went and pulled all the charts I had that she designed under the Primitive Needle name.  I have quite a few and thought it would be nice to actually have one of them in progress. So I pulled out one of my favorites....  ABC Hornbook.   I went to the stash supplies and found a lovely piece of 36ct BoF Sandpiper, this project is a largish piece and the piece of Sandpiper was just the right fit with 2 1/2 inches extra all around the border.  I then went and pulled all the recommended WDW - I actually had all the floss' - so I am thinking this was just meant to be - as I usually come up short by about half when I go to look for floss.  

I got to stitching on it yesterday - and here is the little start  made.....

 "ABC Hornbook" - The Primitive Needle
36ct BoF Sandpiper - WDW Floss

This snap makes the linen look greenish - trust me, it isn't.  Sandpiper is a weathered grey colour and just beautiful, I think I will have a really difficult time getting a true colour shot of the linen for this Blog, please forgive.

I also got to rattling some pots and pans yesterday afternoon and baked up a mess of muffins.....

Mini muffins with miniature chocolate chips - pretty tasty with a cup of coffee.  The majority went off to work with Rico this morning, I do hope they enjoy them.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by and for your continued kind comments!!!  
I do appreciate them.

Take care,


Alice said...

Coffee and muffins are a grand idea! I am having a little trouble motivating myself this morning and that might just do the trick. Shores is coming along! I imagine it was a chore to do all that white. I love the square with the 'little lady' waiting for her fella up on the widow's walk. My house has a widow's walk and it is hand's down my favorite thing about it. So romantic.... oy, I really do need some coffee. Have a wonderful week.

Laura said...

You are making quick work of Shores. The new start looks great too!

Nancy said...

The burger place sounds wonderful Edgar! I think I would have had to try the Bleu, but I like mine well done. My husband likes his burgers rare.

Beautiful job on your Shores piece, and nice start on your Hornbook.

carolm said...

The burger may be overdone for you but at leastyou will not get "mad cow " disease....Carol M

riona said...

Your ABC Hornbook start is lovely ... and I do sympathize about getting a "true colors" shot of the linen. I have the same dilemma with the 28ct Silkweaver's Meadow Mist that I am using for The Ice Dragon's Kingdom ... it is also a soft muted grey but with the barest glimmer of sage green beneath the grey. Even photographing under my Ott light, doesn't produce a photo with color clarity and it has been altogether too grim to take outdoor photos lately. But maybe with the start of Daylight Savings Time I'll have an opportunity to take an outdoor photo ... it's supposed to be dry for the next several days ... but it is overcast this morning.

Jo said...

Shores looks lovely, and I really like your new start. It can be so tricky to get a good snap of projects - but your look fine to me! Thanks for sharing!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

MMmmmm.... I love a good burger. Yours looks yummy!

Great progress on Shores. That big block looks great but would put me over the edge stitching it, I think.

Love your new PN start. I started that one, got 1/2 way or so done, spilled a glass of iced tea on it and the threads bled all over the place. Big time Bummer!

The muffins look great! Yum!

Shelleen said...

the burger looks good and so do the muffins. Shores looks great!

Berit said...

I do love sandpiper--my JB Christmas is on that. I need to see about restocking my BoaF--I want some more small count Meadowlark; but the others (Barn Owl and SP) also call me! :D

Looks like a delicious weekend. :D

Deb said...

Oh my gosh does that food look good. That burger place sounds great (and I'm embarassed to say that I'm salivating because I'm on some stupid diet and that looks sooo good!!

Wonderful job on your Shores piece too.

Luned said...

What a productive weekend. I am constantly amazed at how much stitching you manage to produce.The ABC Hornbook looks lovely. Did you have full skeins of what you needed or will you have to top-up? Just out of curiosity, how do you store your threads? I imagine you being very methodical.

Bertie said...

Send the burger man to the UK please!!!!
The shores are fabulous, good progress there.
Very nice to start the PN Hornbook, such a lovely way to remember Lisa the designer.

Margaret said...

Oh my! I love your Shores progress! And your ABC Hornbook -- it's so pretty so far!

KimV said...

1st: that burger makes my mouth water! Yum!
2nd: Shores looks awesome! Thanks for the big pict... puts it all in perspective!
3rd: I love your new start... such a sweet thing to thing and you're right, if you have it all in stash it's meant to be!
4th: muffins!!!
Oh, do you know the muffin man,
The muffin man, the muffin man,
Oh, do you know the muffin man,
That lives on Drury Lane?
LOL! Have a wonderful week!

sheri said...

Oh my goodness, I have Simca's Cuisine, too! I bought it after I rented The French Chef a few months ago and saw the episode entitled "The Spinach Twins." Have you seen it? Julia and Simca make a yummy-looking spinach turnover. You can watch the video here:

I'm so glad these wonderfully talented ladies are still appreciated.

Siobhan said...

Coffee and muffins... yumm! Nice progress on Shores, and I love your new start. I think the ABC Hornbook is one of my favorites of Lisa's designs. I think of her with the line about the eagles.

Maggie O said...

What a lovlely tribute to Lisa Roswell Edgar. So thoughtful. That burger plate looks amazing and who would have thought you could have it on Texas Toast. I broke down and had onion rings at the Pioneer BBQ on must be a spring thing...they were sweet and delicious. The stitching looks great as usual but hard work never the less. Well done!!

Carol R said...

Shores is looking good and I love your new start on ABC!