Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Musings

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends another Monday is upon us - the weekend was a lot less wet than the week - so that's something to be grateful for.  We started off the weekend on Friday evening by going out to dinner to a favorite restaurant of ours.  It is a little Italian place we haven't been to in a while called Capri.  It is on upper market in the Castro district and has been there forever.  I had some delicious lasagna - it's what I always have when we go there.  I often have the same things over and over at specific places, I guess I get to liking one dish and just stick to it - occasionally I break out and try something new, but the old tried and true always wins in my book.

On Saturday we made it to a few of the local Estate sales and I picked up a few things......-

A locally published version "David Cooperfield" - 1947, a great old vase, a wooden shelf, an old hard paste porcelain plate, a new box of Grinchy Xmas cards.... and we stopped off at a Blockbuster that was going out of business and I picked up a couple of BluRay flicks I didn't have.

I made a recipe of my great aunts - Apricot Nectar Cake - I have seen the recipe on line as it is not hard, but very tasty.....


 - and - I got in a little stitching - here is a progress snap of ABC Hornbook.... the Blogger thing is giving a ton of trouble - I'll try again tomorrow to post a snap.  sorry.

There you go sports fans - a low key weekend!!  Hope yours was a easy going as ours. 
Thanks for stopping by, do come again.

Take care,


Margaret said...

Oh that cake looks so good! I love anything with frosting. :D The David Copperfield book looks intriguing. I'm a huge Dickens fan so of course that caught my eye. Our Blockbuster is closing as well but I haven't stopped in to look yet. I hope blogger cooperates next time -- I want to see your ABC Hornbook!

diamondc said...

Oh my gosh Edgar: That cake looks so good I could eat the picture but I gave up all breads and chocolates and Pepsi for Lent, I am so happy Easter Sunday will be here soon, I am going to pig out.
The finds are wonderful love the plate.
The Corse Bride is one of my fav animation movies.
Happy Easter

Glenna said...

Mmmmm on the cake. I do the same thing--settle on a favorite and order it over and over. Every now and then I'll get something different, but sometimes that leads to disappointment. Hope your week goes smoothly!

Shelly said...

That cake looks quite tasty! Corpse Bride is a favorite movie of my daughter and I. I, too, tend to eat the same thing at restaurants. But I call it too chicken to try anything else!

Alice said...

Yummy looking cake! Love that old vase, especially with tulips! I am the same way at restaurants, I have to have my favorite. If I don't, then I go home and crave it so much that we have to go back again much sooner than we otherwise would have. I'll be keeping an eye out for your stitching progress pics.

Maggie O said...

Looking forward to seeing the stitching pics. Great cake...and me on a no sweets week...I have been bad. Love that others get the same thing too...we all have our favourites. sounds like a "to die for" effortless!

Deb said...

That cake looks so good. I never had it before until my last Guild meeting someone made it and it was absolute heaven!! Great finds this weekend - I especially love that plate.

Sharon said...

Oh yummmmm.....apriocot is one of my favorite flavors! I'm going to have to try this one :)
Our Blockbuster is leaving us as well. By the time I made my pilgrimage there, all the good stuff was gone.
I especially love the little vase you found. It looks so sweet. As always, I wonder about it's "story".
Can't wait to see the stitching pics! :)

DonnaTN said...

I have my favorite things to order at different restaurants too. When I get a wild hair and order something different everyone is shocked. My sister's MIL always brought apricot nectar cake to all the family gatherings. That and deviled eggs. Is that a Southern thing?

Yvonne..... said...

Edgar, I'm the same way. I always order the exact same meal at each particular restaurant. I think that's what makes going there so special.

Jozzie said...

Hi! We had rain here ALL day, which I just loved!

I sure hope you post that apricot cake on your baking blog...I want that recipe! My younger daughter has always LOVED apricot nector! yummmm

Love your blog!


TeresaB said...

That cake looked so good I had to go google it and find a recipe so I can make it! Can't wait to try it out soon. Your estate sale finds look lovely, I especially like the small plate. Sounds like you had a very lovely weekend. I do hope we get to see your ABC Hornbook soon. Silly Blogger...