Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Weekend Stuff

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends it was a very wet and blustery weekend here by the Bay.  Lots of rain, lots of wind and lots of staying in and staying warm.  That about wraps up the last two days.

I was the winner of Rory's 2nd Birthday Give Away.  Go check out Kathy's Blog and see Rory all decked out for St Patrick's Day - how cute is he!!!  The package got to me on Friday and I took it home to open.  Here is a snap of everything....

Thank you so much for all the wonderful stitchy Hound things - I just love everything!!!!!!

On Saturday, after spending the morning working at the move, yes it spilled over to a 3rd day, I got home and got a wild hair because of the weather....  It was nasty out and I wanted something rich and delicious.  Rico suggested I make a Beouf Bourguignon - that sounded like the ticket.  I got my "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" out, and got to work.

I chopped some extra onions for the freezer, and had everything at hand, garlic, mushrooms, carrots, little white onions and a cut up roast.

After quickly browning the meat you then cook the veggies and then set them aside.  Put the meat back in the casserole - sprinkle with a bit of flour, bake this for a few minutes - to achieve a brownish crust.

Measure 3 cups of wine and pour over the meat -  then cover and bake for 3 to 4 hours.  While baking you cook the mushrooms in butter, set aside.  Braise the little white onions, set aside.  After the meat is baked you pour off the liquid into a saucepan and add to this more wine and stock to make a nice reduced sauce.  Putting the meat back into the casserole you lay all the cooked veggies, mushrooms and little onions over and pour the reduced sauce over everything.  Stir it all together while simmering and bringing everything up to temperature.  Et Voila - a nice hearty meal, I served it with buttered potatoes and garlic bread.  I was a total ditz and did not get a final shot.... but it looked a lot like this one from the Internet...

All I can say is YUM!!!  I had never tried to make it before, but the directions where very clear and easy to follow.  It made a big old potful so we are having it as leftovers tonight.


Yesterday morning we went out to breakfast to Flippers, over in Hayes Valley.  It is nice to stop there occasionally as we can pick up some Blue Bottle Coffee after we finish.  We stop at their Kiosk on Linden Alley.  Here is a snap .....
I like that right next door is a custom corset shop, with some really gorgeous undergarments!!

I did get some stitching in on ABC Hornbook - here is a progress shot - 

Once again the snap makes the piece look green - oh well - at some point I'll get a better shot.  This is really working up as a fun piece.
That's about it for today, thanks for stopping by!!  Do come again!!

Take care,


Jackie said...

Great giveaway win!

The Beef Bourg looks absolutely delicious. My son received this cookbook and a Le Creuset pot for Christmas. He immediately went home and made this dish and said it was wonderful. I'm sure the leftovers (if you had any) were just as good!

Teresa said...

Enjoy the wonderful give away. You sent your wet weather down to us in LA area.
Your dinner sounds delicious.

Kathy said...

Oh that dinner looks so yummy. And on a cold wet day like it is here today it would be perfect. :)

I am glad your package arrived safe and sound. I hope you like that book too. Be warned. Make sure you have some tissues handy. Oh and the who-hounds to snuggle with you. :) Seriously, it is a fabulous book.

Shelly said...

That was quite the stash haul you won! Have fun with it all! We are now getting that storm here in Arizona with the winds (couldn't sleep last night, thought the house was going to fly off!), and now it's raining. Nothing like a warm and rich meal for dinner when it's stormy out and yours sounded good!

staci said...

Mmmm...your Beef Bourg looks so delicious! Enjoy your leftovers :)

Congrats on your great giveaway goodies. We could use some of that is dry, dry, dry here!

Catherine said...

Great gifties from Kathy and Rory!
Your stitches look great - as always! And seriously, if I ever make it to your town, I'm comin' for dinner!

Mary said...

Your dinner sounds so good, and there is nothing better than having a round of leftovers!

Great gifties and the stitching looks fabulous!

Hope your move is over and you settle in quickly. (I hate change)

Have a great week!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a lovely (and yummy!) weekend. Loving your progress on ABC Hornbook too.

Erica said...

The Hornbook is looking great!
I have this one in my stash. Hopefully I will get to it soon!
I really need to live to be about 140 to get everything stitched that I have hoarded!

Margaret said...

I love your ABC Hornbook! It's wonderful! And wow -- you made Boeuf Bourghignon? I'm impressed! Looks so delicious!

CalamityJr said...

What a fun giveaway; my favorite four-legged friend won the doggy part. Your cooking just made me very hungry. Guess I'd better go fix lunch, though I know it can't possible be as tasty!

Berit said...

The weather here has swung back to frigid after tempting me to turn on the air con a few days ago--so that recipe looks so rich and delicious! Boy, am I ever drooling!

Also, great stitching--I see a FOX!! And a bunny, too. ;)

DonnaTN said...

Have you seen the movie Julie & Julia. Every time someone makes that dish they all day "YUM!" My mouth is watering. Wish I could have smelled it cooking! Your horn book piece is coming right along. The fabric color looks pale gray on my screen.

TeresaB said...

I've been lurking and reading your blog for awhile now but I had to comment on your dinner. YUM! I'll bet it tasted as wonderful as it sounds.

And I adore your hornbook. So pretty!

Alice said...

Yummy dinner! Congrats on the stash. Hornbook is looking very fine indeed. Hope you get your sunny skies back soon.