Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Sweet Gift, the Farmers Market and a Fog Film

Gentle readers and Dear Friends - the weather shifted dramatically yesterday - and we are now back to a city that is cool/cold and breezy!! I actually got some sleep last night which made up for the lack of sleep the night before.

The mail yesterday brought a sweet gift from Natasha - she knows I love black licorice and handmade soaps - so she sent me -

- this super piece of licorice -soap. How great is that!! Thank you so much, Natasha.

Yesterday I made my visit to the Farmers Market - and here are a few snaps -

a gorgeous assortment of potatoes

this both was just next to the potatoes - and I couldn't pass it without a snap -

and here are baskets full of shallots and garlic with some delicious fingerlings in the back.

Yesterday after getting home from work I wanted to try a feature on my camera I really hadn't tried before. It is a movie feature - so we were down at the pool and the fog was just pouring over Twin Peaks - so I tried my hand at getting a little film of that. Here is the result....

The splashing sound I didn't realize the camera had picked up - is Rico in the pool. I love watching the fog spill over into Noe Valley and have seen it many times. Hope you enjoy!

There you go sports fans - thanks again for stopping by, do come again!!

Take care,


Meadows08 said...

You weren't kidding when you said the weather changed dramatically! I had no idea fog even DID that! Cool video.

Ruth said...

Edgar what a great video of the fog. When the fog settles in does it make for hazardous driving? When we get fog (ground) in the Northeast it can be really scary! As always I love the market photos.

Lee said...

Wow, it's so amazing that the fog comes in so quickly. And without the splashing sound, I never would have thought it was in real time. Just one more very cool thing about the San Francisco area!

Natasha said...

Wow that is awesome. Do you remember the 80's horror film THE FOG w/ Jamie Lee Curtis? "Lock your doors. Bolt your windows. There's something in THE FOG!" LOL makes me want to watch it again. I love horror films from before the 90's

It is amazing the drasztic differnce a few days can make, glad to have my regular Bay Area weather back :) I enjoy me some good summertime heat but love the natrual airconditiong the Bay Area gives us.

Great Farmer Market pics. I plan on gping on Sunday maybe I will remember my camera.
Take Care!

Kirby said...

Love that FOG! It put me in a Halloween mood. BWAH HAHAHA
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I am going to have to come up there sometime and go to that Farmer's Market! I love the picture with all the different colors of potatoes! And send some of that nice cool fog down to us in SoCal, it was 106 at my house yesterday...I'm ready for summery to be done!

dixiesamplardesigns said...

I'm with Natasha on this one...reminds me of "The Fog"! LOL! Perfect to roll in (no pun intended) the Fall season, don'cha think??!! Great video skills too!

Love the pics of the Farmers Market, just wish we had one here in LA (lower Alabama).

Now you got me wanting to have a Horror movie fest...maybe Saturday night...with lots of spooky stitchin' to go with it!!Woooooo....


valerie said...

Seeing the fog roll in last night was a welcome sight especially after the crazy heatwave we had.

Great market shots!

Sharon said...

I think the combo of the splashing with the fog rolling in was great...water can take so many forms, yes? There's just something about San Fran fog that isn't like anywhere else. What a fun, unique city - I appreciate you sharing it with us.
Licorice soap? How creative is that??? Neat gift!
As always, your market pics (almost) make me want to become a vegetarian. I still love me a good steak, but those veggies are just beautiful!!! :)

Berit said...

Glad to hear you've safely weather the "Heat Wave", lol!

I'm a big fan of licorice soap, now, too--thanks to you! I'm using the type from Besem on my face every day--love it!

I had NO IDEA you could see the fog moving so quickly and distinctly--beautiful!

diamondc said...

We tell scary stories when the fog is heavy in Annandale, Mn.
This summer we have had many days of fog, in the evening when we sit in the hottub wectell scary stories, we wake up in the morning if it is still foggy we get in one more story and off to work.
I love the farmers matket we have a small one on the week-ends in Annandale.
Happy stitching Edgar.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Love the licorice soap, how unusual!

Always love your Farmer's Market pictures.

That fog rolling in looks eerie!!!

Beth said...

Those Farmer's Market pictures you post almost seem unreal - such bounty. My brother used to live in sight of Golden Gate, and I have watched the fog do a coverall - an amazing sight! Good video.

Mary Beth said...

Wow! That is too cool watching the fog come in like that! Thanks for posting the little movie.