Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exchange Arrives and some Market Snaps

GR&DF I am so happy that you enjoyed yesterdays post - I was Class of 82 graduated from Mainland Senior High in Daytona Beach - go Buccaneers!! There are many great songs from that time.... ahhhh the memories, the Izod shirts and sweaters along with the penny loafers - who remembers the "Official Preppy Handbook?" Oh, well - time marches on and eventually you find it marching across your face - a not so direct quote from Truvy Jones in the flicker "Steel Magnolias" - but so accurate in sentiment!! Just feeling a bit old a tired - gotta snap out of that!!

On to more pleasant things - I had my ABC Exchange piece arrive in the UK - it was a restitch as the first seems to have disappeared from the planet!! here is a snap -

I replaced the missing piece with this Pyn Keepe - the chart is from La D Da and is called Letters and Leaves (I think) I stitched it on a mystery piece of over dyed linen using my choice of over dyed floss. I am so happy that it made it to Jayne. I am cooking up in my little brain another Fallish Exchange for the HOE - so for those that are members out there keep a watch on that Blog.

Yesterday was Farmers Market Wednesday and how could I let that pass without a snap?? Of course I couldn't - so here are some snaps ....

How gorgeous are these tomatoes!!! I got a bag of the little ones and few of the big ones - just scrumptious!!

These are the first of the peanuts - I thought that it was a bit early for them, but remembered it is August with the Fall barreling down on us - woo hoo!!

All along Market Street on Wednesdays are food vendors - and I don't think I have ever shown any of them....

Just walking past this truck is a wonderful experience - so sweet and delicious - there is always a line for these waffles so they must be doing something right!!

I get to work so early that I take an early lunch - getting to the Market around 11:20 am or so and there is a line no matter what time in front of this Tamale Tent - They are exceptionally good here and when there is a small wait I have gotten them but usually the line and wait is very long - like down the street long!!

And this Roti Truck - another wonderful pass by aromatic experience - so deliciously tasty and packed full of rosemary and herbs - I am sorry it is dark but believe me that truck is packed full of chickens - and they usually sell out early. Beyond the roasted chickens you can see a Falafel Tent - they make great Falafel's. So there is much more to the Market than just the regular fruit and veg stuff.

I think that about wraps up today's post - thanks again for stopping by!! Do come again.

Take care,


Anna van Schurman said...

Mmmmm. Tamales. Some days I really miss L.A. The cleaning women at the dude's office used to make them for him. He doesn't eat them so I really lucked out!

Sharlotte said...

Love all the pics! That pyn keep is great! I'm glad this one arrived safe and sound!

That quote from "Steele Magnolias" is one of my favorite movie quotes of all time and I have borrowed it many times! Sad that's it true huh?:) That is just about my favorite movie I think!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm tamales! I guess they really are "All Star" with those long lines. They must be really yummy with your current temperatures. It's HOT here...may hit 100! The pinkeep is beautiful! You always have such nice finishes! Nancy in NY

Margaret said...

I love your exchange piece that you stitched. Beautiful! Love the pics of the farmer's market too. I envy you those food vendors. I keep hearing about the fancy street food vendors that are showing up in LA and places like that. I guess you have them there too! Lucky!

valerie said...

Great exchange pinkeep!

Mmmm...tamales, waffles and Roli Roti! The Roli truck comes out to my neighborhood now. It's a great lunch/dinner treat!

Berit said...

Beautiful exchange; sorry to hear your first one was lost; that happened to me recently, too!

I was born in Nov. 1982, lol! But I was still really into Blondie and 80's music somewhat when I was a teenager. Lately we're listening to Hall & Oates (again) and Kylie's new album--are you a fan? (I forget if I've asked that before.)

Natasha said...

Okay in two weeks I am coming up there just to eat at all the food vendors. Love the peanuts I would love to boil 'em up MmmmMmmm Sooo good :)

Lovely exchange piece.

Ma Teakettle said...

LOL, I am from the class of '81...US Grant High, Van Nuys, Ca (Go Lancers!) and the Preppy Handbook was my bible! Polo Collars up!
DS2(the tatoos :)) and I watch "Man vs Food" on Travel channel and he is always going to SF for the best of everything, I love your town. We used to head up twice a year when I was a kid, now my sister lives in Santa Rosa which is not too far from there, but I am on the East Coast (no comment). Thanks for the pics it brings back such great memories...I ramble, sorry. I too am feeling old these days, kitten, as the last of the kiddos leaves the nest in 2 weeks, ugh where did the time go?
Your exchange gift is gorgeous, I just adore it.

Rachel S said...

The rotis have me drooling. Great photos.