Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Feeling all Nostalgic

GR&DF Wednesday welcomes to the Blog. Not much going on this mid-week morning. The weather is hovering in the mid 50's and will stay like this for the next 7 or so days - a real SF summer. Not much stitching so no snaps of that.

This morning, before leaving for work, Rico was on his Facebook page - I don't have one of those. Blogging is about all I can do on a sort of daily thing. While he was on there he was playing some You Tube video - The Bangles - "Walk like an Egyptian" and that got me thinking about all the music I liked a bazillion years ago.... the first to come to mind was this.....

I was such a Blondie fan - had all the records - remember them?? I would play them over and over -

Here is another great song from my High School Daze - a live version that had a silly video.....

I remember that I took this song and built an entire presentation around it for Photography Class - ah good tymes!!!!

I think I will throw this in for those that might have forgotten the great silly videos of the 80's - and the song that started this walk down memory lane

There you go sports fans - some silly music from long ago!! Have a great one!

Take care,


Kristen said...

The weather is hovering in the mid 50's and will stay like this for the next 7 or so days - a real SF summer.

**sigh** It's going to be 90 here today, with very high humidity (the dewpoint this morning? 71 degrees!). Your description of summer in SF is almost enough to get me over my fear of earthquakes, Edgar. I think I'd love the weather out there. Enjoy!

April Mechelle said...

Edgar.. I need to more to SF. Our heat here in Alabama today is going to be 102 with heat index of 115. Thanks for sharing the videos !! Brings back memories. I am Class of 83!!!

Karen said...

love Bette Davis Eyes. brought back memories. :) class of 86 here.

Catherine said...

Oh my! I'd love a few days of those temps! Too hot here this summer! I'm actually missing all the snow from last winter!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane with those songs!!

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Ahhh Blondie, whether long ago or a distant memory, she was edgy for her time and a true music pioneer:)

Hotter than a burnt porkchop here in NY, 90 and sticky today.

Have a great day Edgar!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved Blondie and Kim Carnes although I was in my 30s then.

You are missing a week of 100+ here in TN. The 50s sounds right good.

Mary in TN

DaisyGirl said...

Hey Edgar! I loved all those songs, yup I was an 80's girl! Now I've got the Walk like an Egytian song in my head!
Hip to Be Square! It got me hunting for my old favorites too

MarchAnn58 said...

Gees it was in the 90's here in Virginia with 65% humidity. I could do 50s but than I am going to Florida in 2 years to live. Maybe I should head out your way hummmmmmmmmm.
Love the video, to young for me and to old for my daughter but I still remember my step daughter loved Blondie.

Sharon said...

Wow - does this post bring back some great memories!! I had all those albums (not CD's - albums - boy, does that date me!!!) :)
Thanks the for fun trip down memory lane - oh, except for reminding me about the hair - I can't tell you the number of times I walked into a hair stylist and asked for the "Farrah". My son saw my yearbook photo and says that I had "Justin Bieber" and Rob Blogoivich hair all rolled into one! LOL Hmmm....he may have to do extra chores for making that comment!! :) :) :)