Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Has Arrived

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends - I do thank you for your kind comments. As always my Morning is made so much nicer by your sweet words!!

I though it so nice to ask for the recipe for the cake - and it was soooo easy. Originally I was going to make something quite different than the Bundt cake, but after finding the pan I changed up and found a very easy recipe. As usual I went to AllRecipes and once again found the perfect thing to make. If you click HERE it will take you to the recipe. It did seem to take a bit longer to bake, but other than that it worked a treat.

I thought today I would share a couple more snaps I took on Sunday -

This is actually where my doctors office - it is called Davies Medical Center. We stopped here because of the easy access ATM - I took the snap because of the play of light and shadow on the building.

On our way home we stopped in Noe Valley to get a new HMIDI cable for the DVD/Flat Screen connection. We walked past this great old building -

This is the Noe Valley/Sally Brunn Branch Library. Built with a Carnegie Grant in 1916 - in a Spanish Style with a brick and terra cotta tile facade. Here is a snap looking through the window

If you look through to the ceiling you can see the same fruit garland that occurs on the outside repeated on the inside. This branch was the 7th to be built in the city.

The post title refers to our city weather - yesterday we got into the mid 80's and today it is supposed to be in the high 80's - the temps will start to fall on Thursday and by the weekend we should be back at a comfortable 60 or so. I guess that would be our summer. We still have September and October to go through and we often get a few warm days in both months. What causes this shifting is the wind is blowing from E to W and that brings the warm weather off the land. Usually the winds are blowing from W to E bringing the cool marine winds off the Pacific ocean.

Still stitching away on my exchange piece.

Tomorrow there will be some flicker talk. Thank you for stopping by, do come again!

Take care,


Nicola said...

Hi Edgar, love seeing your photos from around SF. Today, here in the U.K. it feels more like late Autumn. It's quite cold and I have my gas fire lit on low to take the chill off.

Mary said...

Always love seeing your snaps of the city. Thanks for sharing. The cake looked divine! Anything with pecans has to be good!!

Berit said...

Very nice! It's been cool, rainy, dreary, and chilly lately, so these cheery pics are just what I need to see! Can't wait to see your exchange piece~. :D

DonnaTN said...

The library is so cool! They don't put that kind of effort into public buildings nowadays. Thanks for the cake link.

Sharon said...

What a lovely mix of varyng architecture. Most of the new buildings that are going up are just "boxes" - no longer do they seem to be "works of art" on their own merit. Thanks for sharing shots of your city that most of us will never see.
As always - can't wait to peek at your exchange piece!!! :)