Monday, August 2, 2010

Misty Monday Morning

GR&&DF thank you for the great comments on Fridays post. I wanted to answer a couple of questions raised - Denise and Sherry both mentioned the Jasmine rice - living out here in SF has exposed me to many different types of rice that are available - and I have tried many - I really like rice!! For the longest time I was fixing Basmati Rice a long grain type that is grown in India and Pakistan. A lovely fragrant not sticky rice. Then I was introduced to the Thai Jasmine rice and I made the switch. This is also lovely long grain beautifully fragrant rice that is easily gotten here. If you like long grain not very sticky rice either of these types does a great job. Berit mentioned the chicken - I love to fry a real old fashioned cut up bone in chicken - but with just the two of us we buy skinless/boneless frozen breasts. This is a much easier way to just cook a small amount instead of the whole chicken. Mary mentioned just butter on rice - I love it that way!! Rico does not like gravy of any kind anywhere near him so I never make gravy - I however love the stuff, but really find it too much trouble just for myself.

On the way home on Friday we stopped off at another plant place - "Flowercraft Garden Center" - it was recommended to Rico and we were pleasantly surprised!! I got some snaps....

A very good place for the home gardener. Rico picked up a couple of things.

Here are a couple of recent snaps of the balcony....

This is the little rose bush he got last week - it seems to like its new home.

...and this iron stand worked out great. We picked this up at a garage sale this weekend.

Here is a snap of the other few things I picked up -

... a couple of Holiday books, a Holiday DVD I didn't have, a great Peter Rabbit cup and an older Ecko flipper - not too bad for a couple of bucks!!

Stitching was mostly finishing up an exchange that needs to go out this morning - I also started to stitch up some of the BBD year of stockings. Here are some snaps of those -

This one is from the January book and is called "Winter Carnation"

Also from the January book - called - "Auld Lang Syne"

This is from the February Book and is called "February's Violet"

These work up pretty quickly - and with anything BBD I am totally enjoying them!!

The baking over the weekend were some cookies - I found the recipe online but of course I did change it up a bit - They are called "Kitchen sink Cookies" and here are some snaps....

creaming the sugar and butter..... add some eggs....

the mix of chocolate chips, vanilla chips, butterscotch chips, craisins and pecans!!

After adding the chip mix and the oats - this was a terrifically stiff batter.

Although the recipe suggested and ungreased cookie pan - I like to cook on parchment paper - so these are ready for the oven.

et voila - this made about 6 dozen cookies - crisp and delicious on the outside and a nice chew inside.

There you go sports fans - another weekend whizzes by. Thanks again for stopping by.

Take care,


Sharlotte said...

Super great post Edgar! The stockings are just lovely! Can't wait to see them finished!Love the things you picked up. I especially like the Peter Rabbit cup. That spatchula (sp?) is the type that my grandmother always called an egg turner. She was funny. Love ALL the pics today! Have a great Monday!

Catherine said...

Great photos - pretty flowers, great goodies and such beautiful stockings!! Can't wait to see those finished up!

Margaret said...

I love your balcony garden! So pretty! Your stockings are great too. I love BBD! And those cookies! Yummy!!!!

Carol R said...

Love the flower pictures; your BBD stockings are beautiful and then you show some yummy cooking pictures - a lovely post Edgar!

Berit said...

Everything is just beautiful, but those cookies are tops! They are just the most delicious color--love the title, too! ;)

Someday, I'll eat cookies again, lol! :D With Tea!!!

Jasmine rice is Marc's family's favorite; I prefer the sticky short-grain koshihikari style. But, it does depend on the food it's with.

Denise said...

Looks like I'm out of luck on the jasmine rice! Of course, I bet I could find it in Atlanta. My little town does good to have Uncle Ben's!!
I like the Peter Rabbit mug, too. You always find the neatest things.
We are going on the Hwy. 127 World's Longest Yard Sale on Friday -can't wait!
I will be anxious to see the lovely stockings when completed.
Have a super week!

valerie said...

Love your stockings...I think the Violets one is one of my favorites. Maybe I'll get around to stitching it one day. lol

Love the, they look so yummy! I never heard of "kitchen sink" cookies before!

Nancy said...

What gorgeous flowers! I love how you filled your iron stand with plants and flowers. The colors are so pretty together.

Your stockings are looking very nice, and a big YUM on the cookies!

Sherry said...

As always, Edgar, what a pleasure to read! And YUM - those cookies look delicous. Thanks for the info on the rice - you mean there's more to live than "minute rice" LOL. I am just kidding, we eat mostly wild rice or brown rice. But I will look for either of the rices you mentioned. Love BBD too - in fact I am thinking of starting BBD challenge piece for the Kindred Spirits Guild I belong to...have a great week.

Glenna said...

I love, love the shots of your balcony and the cookies. And whoa--that's quite a mixer!

Peggy Lee said...

WOW...such beautiful flowers AND stitching. You are tremendously talented!!
I think I'll be baking tomorrow. I see cookies for neighbors in my future.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Just love this new place you found, the flowers and the pots look great. Your balcony is look mighty fine.

Great finds - what do you do with some of these fun things you pick up??

Cookies, yummy - they look good.

Have a great week --- Roberta

Glenda said...

Thanks again for making our trip so enjoyable, I must have looked like a native because I at times had visitors asking me questions. lol I loved your home city and would give my right arm to live there, not my stitching arm since I am left handed. Hope the mail gifts you soon with a surprize! Take care and thanks again.