Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Present Arrived and some lovely Fall Vegetables

GR&DF I heard that a small present I sent has arrived - it had a very short distance to go so it got there especially fast!! Today, October 1st, is dear Valerie's birthday and I wanted to send her a little something - so what better to send a friend than a chart created by a friend. As you might know Carol has designed a couple of the most darling Quaker charts - Sew Red and Sew Blue - and knew when I saw it that one of them would be perfect to send to Valerie.
Here is a snap -

I changed it up a bit - the silk I used was Belle Soie - Elegant Eggplant and Red Fox (or it might be Rose of Sharon) they are very close is shading. It was super fun stitch and I am glad that Valerie likes it!!

Yesterday was Farmer's Market Day and I trotted myself over there and was blown away by how many really wonderful booths there where. I so enjoy just looking at all the really great set ups there are and seeing how lovely nature's bounty can look - so here are a bunch of snaps ..... ...... enjoy.....

Some gorgeous cabbages - and the various greens from the lightest pale green to some nice celadon shades-

How lovely are those carrots and broccoli!! - and the rich burgundy of the beets.

These delicate mushrooms all earthy, with deep browns and pale creams -

The ladies at here had a most beautiful stand - and their heirloom tomatoes when just spectacular!! -

These are the first of the pumpkins I have seen at the market - a real harbinger of fall -

Walking by this booth - I looked over and thought to myself
- how Christmasy are these peppers!!

All these apples looked beautiful and smelled wonderful.
That was a snapper visit to the farmers market - I didn't get a much as I usually do as we had been there on Sunday and had gotten quite a load then.

Stitching last night was on the Birthday Present Drawing piece - I wanted to include a stitched something along with the rest of the package and I am really pleased with the way it is coming out - no snaps of that yet - as it is to be surprise for the receiver - and you can still sign up for the Birthday Drawing until tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 pst.
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Thanks for the kind comments and about the Tudors - I knew it just couldn't be me that didn't like the show.

That's about all for today sports fans!! Do come again!

Take care,


Cole said...

What a beautiful finish! I'm really going to have to try and finish something into a pin keep one of these days :)

nanaknit said...

Beautiful photos of the market - I so enjoy viewing these.

The pinkeep you did for Valerie is darling. Do you do all your own finishing? Could you explain a little bit about how you finish pinkeeps and if you have any hints. Thanks.

Carol R said...

Love love your version of Sew Red Edgar. As you may or may not know blue if my favorite color and I like where you have stitched the V and other accents in red! Will you stitch Sew Blue in red? LOL

As always great pics of the market - keep 'em coming!

Sherry said...

What a lovely finish! The pictures of the market are just yummy! That cabbage looks delicious! And I always love pumpkins!

Kathy said...

Gorgeous photos. Now I am hungry and it is no where near dinner. :)

I hope you have a super fantastic Birthday. I will be out of town this weekend so I am wishing you a year filled with love, laughter and lots of fabulous stitching now.

Happy Birthday.

Tracey said...

Beautiful snaps as always! I love those apples! I wish there was a pick-your-own apple orchard around here. And let me tell you, you made my day! I was scanning your blogroll for some good blogs, and I saw my own! I feel honored. MWAH! Have a beautiful day. :)

Berit said...

Your Sew Blue is lovely--lately I have been in love with Belle Soie, and I can just imagine how luxe it is in person!

Now, I really want to eat some heirloom tomatoes--but it's so cold here today! Brr...

Can't wait to see your birthday gift-a-way piece; whether it's here in your blog or in my own mailbox. *cackle*

Myra said...

Love your version of Carol's chart. I have it too and I am itching to give it a start. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous Farmer's market photos, making me hungry! LOL

Myriam said...

Quelle finesse pour ce charmant cadeau! Et sympa les photos du marché!

Luned said...

My goodness, such beautiful stitching and beautiful photos - you really have a great talent and such an eye for colour.
I got the pattern for both Sew Red and Sew Blue when I saw them on Carol's blog but still haven't made a start. I think the touches of red are inspirational - you've certainly inspired me. Thanks.

StitchWiz said...

Thanks for taking me to your great farmers market again Edgar, I love coming along via photo! Great job on the stitch as well!

missy said...

Beautiful gift and the photos of the market made me hungry!! I think a mushroom omelette is in order!!!


Julianne said...


Your photos today are really nice! So colorful!

Your little quaker Pinekeep is beautiful. A truly lovely gift.

valerie said...

Thanks again Edgar. I love the pynkeepe! If you were close by, I'd give you a huge hug. I hope you have a fabulous one on Sunday! :::hugs:::

Margaret said...

Beautiful gift -- I love how you used the colors on this one! I'd love to go to that Farmer's Market of yours someday. We only have little piddling farmer's markets, nothing spectacular like that one. :(

Peg said...

Beautiful finish! I love the pictures of the farmer's market. Some good eats there.

Kathy A. said...

I love the colors in your pinkeep. Very, very pretty.

And the market - well now I want cabbage rolls, red pepper jelly and apple crisp!!!

J Rae said...

What a great gift you gave Valerie. I just printed off Sew Red and Sew Blue last week. Hope to get to stitch them soon.

That market looks absolutely wonderful! I just love pumpkins!

VALIE said...

Hi Edgar, My name is Valérie too, and I am lucky that Carol is my friend as well, and my birthday is very soon... Don't see what I am aiming at ?...
Let's say I would have loved to receive this pinkeep !!!
Have a nice day.

Siobhan said...

What a fabulous birthday gift! I am sure Valerie will love it. Great finishing, too.

Loraine said...

What a beautiful way to spend the day. I love looking at your photos.
Your friend is very lucky to receive such a beautiful gift.
Take Care.

Sylviane said...

Hello Edgar,
Your pinkeep is so wonderful ! I love it !
And your pictures have so beautiful colors ! Here in Belgium, we don't have such markets ... All the vegetables and fruits are in woodboxes ...
Have a great evening !

Xangles said...

Your pinkeep is just so perfect. Love it! One of these days I'm going to come shopping with you at your farmers market in SF. I really miss open air fruit/vet shopping - we don't have them here in Perth, Western Australia
Happy Stithing