Friday, October 16, 2009

Not Much Going on Here

GR&DF thank you so much for kind things you had to say about the Pyn Keepe and package I sent out to Teresa.

Today I am mailing out the AEoL RR to Deb - the mail date is October 27th but I always like to be a little early as you never know what the mails will do or in many cases NOT do to get your packages where they need to go. This will be the 2nd shifting of pieces in this RR - so far everything is running smoothly. Valerie got her QFRR finished up from Donna - so that ended the first Quaker RR. I really enjoy RR's and having friends stitching away on my piece. I look at it as a kind of Cyber Stitching Bee - we all can't get together as we are spread around the world but we can all shift around pieces and stitch away for each other.

I haven't a snap of anything I can show at the moment - so I went digging into the past and think I will post a snap from our trip to South Dakota - The Crazy Horse Memorial -

This is looking at a scale model with the Crazy Horse Memorial in the background. We did a road trip from SF to Rapid City SD a couple of summers ago and it was a great trip!!

Don't forget that today is the last day to get into the drawing for the "Sail Away" chart - you can go to this POST and throw your name into the BOD. I will announce the winner on Monday.

That's about it sports fans!! Thank you again for stopping by - do come again!

Take care,


Myriam said...

c'est toujours sympa un RR!
Bon week-end!

Myriam said...

I am the first this isn't usual!

dixiesamplar said...

Just wanted to let you know that I so enjoy reading your blog...even if I don't comment on every post! LOL! I am a comment slug!!

I look forward to all your tidbits and pictures! And especially, your movie viewing posts...until later...


J Rae said...

We went to the Crazy Horse Memorial last summer. We loved it there! I think I have the exact same picture. :-) Such a great area. Jewel Cave, Wind Cave, Mt. Rushmore. So much to see and do.

Carol R said...

Have a good weekend!

Margaret said...

I was away for the weekend, but I love your Quaker Hill House pinkeep and the other pressies you sent out from your last post! It must have been fun to drive all the way to SD! I've been to that Crazy Horse memorial too, but when I was little. i think they're much further along now than then. Back then, you could just see the straight part of his arm and that was it. Don't you love cross country trips? We did a lot of half way across the country trips when I was a girl. I loved them!