Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Cup of Coffee and a slice of Cake

GR&DF it is Thursday morning and I sit here with my morning cup of coffee and today I have a slice of Entenmanns "cheese filled crumb coffee cake." We stopped at the day old bread store on Monday on the way home from work. Picking up a loaf o bread and this coffee cake. They often have Entenmann products that are discounted so how could we resist- gotta save those pennies for more stitchity stash!!

I do appreciate the nice comments about my basket of stitching stuff - and did want to answer a couple of the questions - the piggy pin cushion was a Christmas Present from Dale last year - he got it on line somewhere, but I do not know where. Myriam mentioned the Brenda Keyes sampler "Kind Love" - a really a gorgeous sampler that I have seen on a few different blogs. Margaret asked about keeping my finished pieces dust free. Most of my finished pieces are wrapped in tissue paper and put in a drawer in my big secretary keeping them safe. The other ones that are the rolled pieces safe in a plastic bag in the large basket - they really don't seem to get dusty as this larger basket I keep in the coat closet with a large linen dinner napkin covering the whole basket.

Last night was more exchange stitching - and the piece I am working on now I know I will have to make for myself at some point as I really like the way it is turning out.

The flicker for the evening was "Blue Skies" - 1946 starring Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Billy DeWolfe and Joan Caulfield. This was a silly musical that seems to have been made to showcase Irving Berlin's wonderful music. Watch for the musical numbers.

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Missy Ann said...

I did find the shop online where the pig was. Was. :( Ah well, can't win them all. lol Thanks for the lead.

Julie said...

I love those old musicals and Irving Berlin!

Tracey said...

oooh I love that kind of coffee cake! yum! "Blue Skies" sounds like my kind of movie- will have to check it out!

Margaret said...

Thanks for answering about the dust. I keep my finished pieces rolled up in a mailer tube in the closet. :D I admit, I have a dust problem in my house. lol!

Myriam said...

Café et gâteau = kilos!!!!

Loraine said...

Enjoy that cake! I'm on a diet, due to a vacation coming up. (sigh!) Cake sounds good right now.
I love your baskets. That "Nantucket" tight weave basket is my favorite kind of basket. I have one of my quilts that I'm piecing, in one right now.
It's fun seeing how other organize their stash!
I loved seeing our little Sail Away Needle book in your "favorites" basket! That made me feel good!

Take care!

dixiesamplar said...

Dang, don't know how I missed your post about your basket contents...loved the little piggie!

And that cake sounds deee-lish! Enjoy!

I too am a huge Barbara fan...she was so much more than just the matriarch of Big Valley!