Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Started on the Village of Hawk Run Hollow

First off, thank you for the kind words about the finish of "Serenity." As my Grandpa used to say.... for me the finish was like "killing a bear!"
The plan for this piece is to frame it but not until I finish "Forgiveness" as I want them to be framed at the same time. I do not want to take the chance that if I get "Serenity" framed now that when I go back to get "Forgiveness" framed that the frame molding would have been discontinued and I would have to frame it in something different.

Last night I started on the "Village of Hawk Run Hollow." The snap is not that exciting as I am working the borders first, or I should say I am working the borders until I can't do them anymore and need to do something else. I plan to work square 5 first and then spiral out counter clockwise to the last square, the grave yard with all the black background......I really like that square a lot!! That's the plan right now, but who knows what the plan will be later on. :)
Here is the snap of some brown silk on linen.....

As you know the plan is to do 1 square a month and
then start "Houses OHRH" next September when this is finished.
Boy, do I have a lot of plans..... :)

I have put up my rotation in the side bar so lets see
if I can keep up with it.I know it will probably change,
but if it is in writing then I can see it
daily an try and follow it.

Thanks for stopping by, and for all the encouraging things everybody writes!!!!!!

Take care,

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Mindi said...

Nice start on the gridlines! I think I got 1/4 of what you did before I decided I'd had enough of straight brown lines. I'm hoping I can keep up with 1 block a month too, and don't get distracted by something else.