Friday, September 21, 2007

Shopping instead of stitching Thursday

After work it was off to the doctors for a checkup, you know the kind, "turn your head a cough" along with other poking and prodding!!!!

When the doctor was good and done I got home and then it was off to go shopping in South City for some crafty supplies........
I needed to get a glue gun ( can you belive I didn't already have one) and some cording ( I got two colours as I could not decide in the store which to chose and they were on sale!!) and a piece of foam core.....guess what I am going to try and create....... I am going to try and make a Flat fold for the fall out of that piece of needle work I finished and couple of weeks ago. I was originally going to try and create small pillow, but the sewing machine is just way to daunting to try an tackle!!!! I have read an reread the instructions and find them quite confusing. :) Instead I found some instructions on how to create a flat fold and I think I can do that! I actually found to variations on the creation of FF.
Wish me luck!!

Have a great weekend, and Thanks for Stopping by!!!!

Take care,


staci said...

Can't wait to see your flatfold, I still haven't tried that yet. I'm sure yours will be gorgeous!

Cathy said...

Edgar - are you familiar with the Focus on Finishing blog? I'm sure they must have instructions for a flat fold there if you need them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ja'niece said...

I’m curious about this flat-fold thingy too. I’ve never heard of it. Lots of construction pictures please when you do get to the finishing part.


P.S. Got your e-mail, will be sending a list soon!

Cheryl said...

Vonna's blog (the twisted stitcher) has a great tutorial for making flat folds!