Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Short post about the work Kitty

At my job we have a kitty. Her name is Nefertiti. But she is called Titi-kitty (short "i's"). Today she is being very sweet and helping me with everything so I took a snap of her on my desk....

She's a big help with the stapler!!!. I know why she is sitting here....the weather has gotten cooler today with a cold front pushing through and I have my electric fire going under my desk...making it a very warm place to be.
So where she is sitting is basically on top of a heater!! :)

She is very sweet a very loved!!

Thanks for taking look!!!

Take care,

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Ja'niece said...

Ooooh sweet kitty, I love cats. You are soooo lucky to share a four legged friend at work. If it’s not too forward of me where/what type of work is it?