Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ground stitching on VOHRH

Last nights free stitch was once again VOHRH. I am really liking this project. I knew going into it that there would be lots of detail and colour changes, but really did not see this until I started to stitch the squares. Some of the detail is so subtle but necessary for the overall effect. I did finish the ground last night while watching a couple of Doris Day movies. Let me show the snap of VOHRH before I go off on a tangent.....

As you can see there are some blank spaces. These are where some horses legs will go but for right now they look kind of silly and empty.

The movies I watched were from the Doris Day Vol II DVD box set of her movies (I got them on Monday using a 40% off coupon :) ) I want to watch them chronologically so I started off with "Romance on the High Seas" 1948. This has been one of my favorite movies for a long time and now I have 2 copies (If you would like my extra DVD copy let me know in the comments and I will send it to you). "ROTHS" is Doris Day's film debut and she really sparkles!! The next movie was "My Dream is Yours" 1949. This is another wonderful little picture featuring two of my favorite character actors Jack Carson and Eve Arden. Just a nice film with nice music and a nice story.

Thanks for the suggestions about organizing the floss monster!! I use now the bobbin/card keeping system but that is just not really working for me the way I want it to. I really like the idea of the Floss-a-way system and have ordered it and will try this next. Jan asked what I do where we have a kitty running around. I manage/run the warehouse for a film company. Not the most glamorous job but it pays the bills....and we get to have a sweet kitty. :)

Tonight it is back to the rotation with Garland Fair!!
Hope the week is treating everyone well!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Mindi said...

Very nice start on your next block. I think getting those solid sections done is a huge hurdle to finishing the block. Doesn't look like you've filled up much area, but its a lot of stitches!

Cheryl said...

Can tell you enjoy this one with how much you've been getting done! Looks great Edgar

Ja'niece said...

"I manage/run the warehouse for a film company." - Well that explains a lot {wink} in that you love to give DVD movie reviews {snicker}. I’ll take that DVD off your hands. My e-mail is public on my profile page, send me yours maybe we can do a DVD swap. I’ll send you a list.


Von said...

Not many of us have "glamorous" jobs, Edgar!! :D But yours sounds like there are some fun elements with the kitty running around, and being around all those movies. :)

You're very dedicated to your rotation! Love seeing the progress on your various projects!