Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A little Stitchin' and a-lotta Hot!!

Gentle Friends, well, summer has finally hit us full force here by the Bay.  Last Friday we hit a record high of 106 in the City, then Saturday another record high at 102.... Sunday the temps dropped about 30 degrees and have held in the low 70's through the night and are hovering at about 71 right now.  Typically we shouldn't get any heat until October since that is our warm month.... so who knows whats a-coming weather wise for us......

With all the heat and absolutely no air conditioning in our house, we had the fans going full blast - so very little stitching for a few days, but here's a snap of the little bit I've gotten done...

... and here's how the piece looked at that point...  as you can see I've gone back and personalized all the Blocks with family members. For each month I tried to find a family member or ancestor who was married in that month - usually.... I think the Block that gave me the most trouble was the Block for March.  I waffled back and forth with a few ancestors and finally settled on a Revolutionary ancestor who was a 1st Luietent in a regiment of Minute-Men from Dutchess County New York.

... and here is an overall shot of the piece... since this snap, I've frogged and removed some of the stitching from Block 12 and made some changes to the final double block.  I have an idea that I'm running with at the moment to tie the piece together - so fingers crossed!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again.

Take care,


  1. Dearest Edgar: This is amazing, I like the fact you have added Family members what a tribute you have going, it is windy and very cold here to day a good time to stitch and relax.


  2. Your piece is so beautiful. As I said before, your design makes me want to stitch the whole thing!! I thought of you when I heard the weather was going to be so hot in SF. We are really suffering with the ash and smoke up here!! Plus the hottest Labor Day in history!!!!

  3. Living in Alabama, I can hardly imagine living with no AC. But then I remember my childhood - fans were all we had and it didn't seem so terrible. However, I don't want to do that again. Ha ha.

  4. Edgar, I thought of you and Rico and the who-hounds when I saw on the news how hot it was in SF. You were as hot as we were!
    This piece is so lovely. The thing that makes it even more special is the ways in which you've personalized it. Quite the heirloom piece!

  5. It was miserable in San Pedro too! All fans (ceiling and floor) were going day and night. My poor geriatric kitties were moving (slowly) from wood floor to tile floor, then back to wood floor (breeze from fans). Ugh, ugh, ugh.

    It's cooled off now, thank goodness! Typical September weather!


    Your stitching is beautiful Edgar, just lovely. Thanks for sharing!

    San Pedro, CA

  6. What a great piece! I love how you've personalized each block with a family member especially dating back to the Revolutionary War.