Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Some Wonderful Exchange Pieces Arrived.......

Gentle Friends I thought today I would catch you up on some of the really spectacular stitched lovelies I've received in the past few days.......  starting with an Exchange piece that was Angel Stitched by Terri over at Dixie Sampler.  She hosted a Haunted Harvest Exchange this Fall, and my partner had some serious family health issues so couldn't fulfill her obligation  - and - Terri jumped right in and a wonderful box arrived a few days ago.....  with this....

.... great Pyn Tray.....and also she also included with the Tray.....

........ some fun goodies......

I did a Private Ornament Exchange with Shirlee fromover at The Easily Influenced Stitcher....  she sent a super box of Christmas Cheer........

 .....  the box held a load of wrapped gifts, that went under the tree, and the ornament she stitched in our exchange this year for our tree......  we did it last year and I was so happy to do it again......  and planning for next year......   :)

.... and the last Exchange piece arrived yesterday..... I took part in the HOE Christmas Ornament Exchange and received from Jayne, from over at  Jayne's Stitching Tales, this super ornament....

.... along with Shirlee's lovely ornament it now graces the tree and they look wonderful!!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. You lucky duck to receive such beautiful exchange pieces
    Happy holidays!!

  2. Wow! Edgar great gifts and exchange pieces. Your Christmases have come early!

  3. These are all super! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. You have lots of wonderful gifts!

  5. All are wonderful exchanges! You must get such a thrill opening the packages when they arrive!

  6. Such wonderful exchange pieces! I love that tray. Beautiful. X

  7. I love your Pyn piece; really nice job. I spied your quilted piece underneath that looks really nice as well. I love reading the blogs especially this time of year as I love to see all of the ornaments. Your exchanges are just wonderful. Merry Christmas!

  8. WOW Those some awesome exchanges--the tray is especially nice and could hold other smalls.

  9. Such wonderful exchanges and beautiful stitched pieces! Enjoy!