Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Just a Little More Christmas.....

Gentle Friends, I thought I would wrap up the year with a little about our lovely Christmas........we had invited some friends over for Christmas dinner which we had set for early evening - but the morning was quiet and serene.  I  took the easy way out for breakfast with a cranberry/walnut croissant breakfast cake - that with coffee hit the spot.  After opening gifts and lazing about for a while I got to work on dinner......

The star of the dinner was this 17lb ham-a saurus!!  One of the big bosses at Rico's work gave it to him.  It was then my job to work out that it needed to go into the oven around 10am to be coming out for dinner at around 5pm - along with the ham we had sauteed green beans with almonds, potato grand mere (garlicky escalloped potatoes), biscuits and for our traditional Birthday Cake for baby Jesus, I made my great-grandmother Walton's lemon pound cake........

..... here's a snap of the table before we sat down to dinner.

Last Saturday evening we made a short trip over to the other side of the neighborhood to one of the most Christmassy houses around .....  we parked up on a hill from the house and walked down......

... there was a crowd of folks and cars slowly going up and down the hill admiring all the decorations...

 I walked across the street to take this snap so that you can get an idea of the scale of what was going on.....

..... looking behind he tree the actual house is covered in presents and decorations so that the whole scene is one continuous explosion of Christmas......

... this is looking from down the street a bit...

.....the tree lights changed colours, there was a whole train set up and running around the bottom of the tree.  The Ferris wheel you see was spinning and although you can't tell there was tons of blinking and flashing and movement - and the children that were there on the street and in the cars were so excited and fun to watch.

Well, that's about it for today sports fans - only 359 days until next Christmas!!  
Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

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  1. Beautiful photos! That meal sounds delicious, & what a lovely table! Love that you had a cake for baby Jesus : ) Wishing you all the best in the new year!

  2. Thanks for sharing a little bit more of Christmas! Think we can ready for the next one with 359 days?! A very Happy New Year to you, Rico, and all the who hounds!

  3. Your Christmas table is beautiful--are your red dishes transferware?

  4. Dinner looked and sounded very good. know you all enjoyed!

    Love the house decorations, is it still lit up? need to send Jer over to see!!

  5. What a beautiful table setting you had.

    Thanks for sharing pictures of that house Holy Cow that is pretty awesome. I am sure it was a sight to see in person.

    Wishing you both a very happy and heatlhy New Year!!

  6. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! That is one big ham! Your Christmas table is so gorgeous -- those red plates are divine! And that house with the Christmas lights -- wow! I wonder if the neighbors complain of it being too bright at night. lol! It's pretty spectacular, such fun! Happy New Year to you!

  7. Wow! How do they get into their house?! Lol I'd hate to have their electric bill this month! Thank you for sharing!! Hope you have a wonderful 2015!!!

  8. Dinner looked divine! The Christmas lights are amazing. I can't imagine how much time goes into that display.

    Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

  9. Gentle Edgar and Rico ~
    Dinner looks mouth-wateringly delicious. That tree - magnificent - and all the accessories surrounding it must
    have come from a very child-like,
    whimsical heart (hearts) Were I a neighbor,I would be grateful to have such beauty shared. Bless you for sharing....
    A wondrous and rewarding New Year to you and yours.

  10. I hope you had a Merry Christmas Edgar! Your dinner looks so delicious. It was fun to see your photos too.
    Have a great new year!

  11. Oh Edgar, those pictures are just so lovely! I felt like I was you ooohing and ahhhing with each little light and decoration!
    Your dinner looked perfect. So glad you were able to enjoy it with friends! Ham-a-saurus! I'll be laughing at that randomly over the next few days. :)
    Have a blessed and happy new year!!!

  12. What a soectacular Christmas light show, wonderful.
    Your festive table looks beautiful.
    Wishing you both a very happy new year.

  13. Beautiful table settings for your lovely Christmas dinner. OMG you made your GGGM lemon cake! Are you related to the Walton's that the TV series was about? We love lemon cake and I would like to bake your recipe. We have a Meyer lemon tree.
    I also wanted you to know I have been stitching BBD - Winter Wonderland. I loved yours you stitched. Thank you for the inspiration Edgar! Happy New Year!

  14. Your Christmas table is beautiful. I love the dishes you used. Maybe next year that house will be on Christmas Light Wars!!

  15. Dearest Edgar: You set a beautiful table, wow so lovely.
    The home decorated for Christmas is beautiful, thank-you for sharing a little bit of your Christmas with us.

    Happy Newyear


  16. coooo now I am hungry the ham and the cake look scrummy ...
    fabulous decorated house ... would hate to have the electric bill after
    wishing you a wonderful stitchy new year love mouse xxxxx

  17. You know how I loved your baked goods. I must admit my eye went to your pound cake first! :) Your table is beautifully set and I love the red plates. Very festive!

    Amazing lights and decorations! I'm sure the neighbors just love all the traffic through the neighborhood. Hopefully they're being gracious about it!

  18. and I thought that ham'd have been the unbeatable piece of hugeness in this post - how very wrong I was!
    that house display left me speechless, just looking at the sizes of those decorations left me tongue-tied.
    I hope you have a fantastic New Year, all my best wishes for you and your family ❤️

  19. Your dinner table is so pretty! I can't help but admire the gleaming silver. I know you love keeping it polished up, and it is so pretty!! That house is something else!! Thanks for sharing pictures of it.

  20. Sounds like you have a delicious meal! I love the table setting. As for the "well-lit" house in the neighborhood, I can't imagine what their electric bill is this month LOL
    Happy Holidays,

  21. Thanks for the beautiful pictures, your table is beautiful love your dishes. Happy New Year. Look forward to many more post from you.