Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some Shopping and Floating Around...

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends I do thank you again for the kind words you posted - on damp cold mornings they do warm the heart!!!  How is the Post Title today - I often have trouble coming up with something to title posts with.

We stopped off in the Mission for some produce and a goodie.   Here area couple of snaps of the produce  stand.

This bin is one of three that are in the side part and always so colourful - with it being winter the citrus is really lovely now.  And here is another shot.....

Most all the Produce stands here in the city have outdoor bins for self service.  You can usually get a good feel for the inside stuff by a quick glance at the outside things.  After the produce shopping we went across the street to La Victoria Bakery  - a good bakery we like and I got a couple shots there.  There are many Bakeries along 24th Street but we always come back to this one.  This snap..... of a new jelly roll type cake - that I think is pineapple.  I was a really pretty sunny yellow colour so I had to get a shot.  Here is another shot in the Bakery...

I am sure I have posted shots of these cookie jars - but they were filling them up while we were there and I thought how nice.  There is a Private School just down the street and they where getting things ready for the afternoon onslaught of hungry students.
I wanted to mention three films I saw recently.  For no real reason other than Netflix, On Demand and my DVD collection - they are all about lifeboats and being adrift at sea.  It seemed kind of odd but there you go.  First up is the classic "Lifeboat" - 1944 - starring Tallulah Bankhead, William Bendix, Walter Slezak, Mary Anderson, John Hodiak and Hume Cronyn.  This stylish classic directed by Alfred Hitchcock is the best known of the three and slick as glass.  It has everything you would expect - and then some.  The only draw back in this ensemble piece is that you really can't take you eyes of Tallulah - she dominates the entire production and every scene she is in.  I have always enjoyed this film and would recommend it whole heartily.  

The second of the three is "Abandon Ship" - 1957 - starring Tyrone Power, Mai Zetterling, Lloyd Nolan, Stephen Boyd and Moira Lister.  This grittier version of being a drift is based on a real story. This film is much harder to watch for the position that Power is placed after the Capitain dies and he has power thrust upon him.  The story is of the sinking of a luxury liner and after it sinks in 7 mins a small craft meant to hold 12 and ends up with 29 people in and floating around.  This group is adrift on the open south Atlantic.  Power as Captain has to make hard decisions on who will and will not survive trying to row the 1500 mile journey to the coast of Africa.   This 97 min movie is just packed with drama.  I caught this film on our cable systems "On Demand" as it has never been released on VHS or DVD.  It has played on TCM ( I Think?).  I haven't seen it in many years but it made such an impact on me that I have always remembered it - the impression made is that strong that once you see it you will NOT forget the story or the victims.

The third and least of the three films is "Seven Were Saved" - 1947 - starring Richard Denning, Catherine Craig and Russell Hayden.  This time it is a plane crash into the ocean instead of the sinking of a ship - but it does leave whats left of the crew and passengers floating in an open lifeboat.  The story is often on the silly side and where does one get their hair done in the south pacific on a rubber raft???  I wondered that as the tousled Craig's hair was sort of messy and then sort of not messy!!!  Can we say continuity!!  Over all a decent little film at 73 mins but nowhere near the great "Lifeboat" or the reality based gritty "Abandon Ship." 

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by - do come again!!!

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Berit said...

Delicious-looking, as usual!

I did not know that winter was a season for citrus at all; or is that a Bay Area thing? :)

Kristen said...

Oh Edgar, I'm drooling at those pictures!!

Alice said...

Those cookie jars are so pretty. I have never had a cookie jar... frankly the cookies don't last long enough in my house to ever make it into a jar. I recently purchased Lifeboat because I love Hitchcock films and had never seen that one. I will have to actually sit down and watch it now.

Anonymous said...

DH was born near Tallulah's home town and she is a favorite. He loves the movie Lifeboat particularly for the way she acts, mink and all.

The fruit is gorgeous especially to those of us just coming out of winter finally!!.

Mary in TN

Marian said...

I LOVE your photos!

Marian said...

Oh.....yes: Tallulah was known as the "Alabama Foghorn". I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not. The Bankhead Tunnel in Mobile Bay is named for one of her family members. Father, I think.