Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Movie Post

GR&DF thank you so much for the kind comments.  Not much going on, still.  I heard from Dale last night.  He arrived at his parents in Eastern NC at around 7 EST.  We talked for a long time and he told me about some of the adventures he had.  He decided to drive on through and not stop as much as planned.  So the trip for him was good and safe!!

This morning waiting for the bus - the fog was swirling about and it being so early that the city was very quiet. So quiet that I could here the fog horn blowing in the distance.  It is an amazing low the sound and that it reverberates off of the low hills of Noe Valley.

Stitching last night was a little bit on "Shores" and a lot on my replacement piece - remember the tossed piece.  It seems like such a failure to toss a piece, but I figure better to toss and be sane than go nuts trying to make something work that really does not.  I will eventually get the tossed pieced out of the "bag"and rip all the stitching out.  I like the linen and certainly am not going to throw it away.

Over the weekend I started watching my DVD's of the Lords of the Rings - again.  It has been a while since I saw the series - and the extended versions are really nice.  I have gotten through "Fellowship of the Ring" - 2001, "The Two Towers" 2002 and last night I got about half way through "Return of the King" - 2003 before I was just too tired to stay awake. I am totally stoked about the 2012 release of "The Hobbit - Part I."  

There have been a few other flicks recently...one of them is ...  "I wake up Screaming" - 1941 - starring Betty Grable, Victor Mature, Carole Landis and Laird Cregar.  A great mystery Film Noir - with a good twist towards the end.  Another film that was pretty good ... "Carve Her Name with Pride" - 1958 - starring Virginia McKenna and Paul Scofield.  The movie is based on the true story of an English spy infiltrating Occupied France during WWII.  I had never heard of the film and really enjoyed the story about this little piece of history.  

Tonight starts  TCM's (you know I love this channel) Oscar fest -  31 Days of Oscar!!  Tonight are films about Henry VIII and Tudor England.  Starting off the evening with "The Private Life of Henry VIII" - 1933... then... "Man for All Seasons" - 1966 - and rounding out the evening is "Anne of the Thousand Days" - 1969.  (All the titles are clickable)  These three films are all excellent and worth a look.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks again for stopping by, do come again!!!!

Tale care,


KimV said...

Edgar... love the Lord of the Rings series... my youngest son and I watch it a couple of times a year... we did a marathon one Saturday and watched all three! I can't wait to see the Hobbit! Hope your day is awesome!

Lee said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Oscar Fest over at TCM!

Susan said...

I'm glad your friend made it home to his parents' place safely.

I watched "A Man for All Seasons" over the weekend - I loved it. I also loved 'Anne of a Thousand Days". Have you seen "The Other Boleyn Girl"? Obviously, it's a more recent film than the other two, but I enjoyed it, and loved looking at the costumes.

Have a wonderful day!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Hi Edgar, My son has recently bought the extended versions of LOTR and we're looking forward to seeing them. We've watched the regular version a few times - he's currently reading the books. He's also looking forward to The Hobbit when it eventually gets on track.

riona said...

Okay, now you've got me making a list of my favorite English historical films for my NetFlix queue.
A Man For All Seasons is one of my favorite films ... the integrity and intelligence of Thomas More is an inspiration. And Ann of a Thousand Days was also a splendid film.
Another film [and another Thomas and another Henry] that I loved was Becket, 1964, Peter O'Toole as Henry II and Richard Burton as Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury. Also an Oscar winner.
Another great one was Lion in Winter, 1968, with Peter O'Toole reprising his role as Henry II and Katherine Hepburn as Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Rachel S said...

You did what I plan on doing one day, have a marathon of LOTR. Anne of 1000 Days is one of my favorite movies. I'll have to see if I can stay up to watch it.

Michelle said...

I cannot wait for The Hobbit!! I need to rewatch LOTR again. I love those extended versions!

Sharon said...

I'm glad Dale made it "home" safely. What Providence that he made it safely through before the current terrible storm began it's blast.
I LOVE the LOTR series...so well-done. I think it's one of the few series that had high expectations and rose to the challenge.
I am loving the TCM programming. It's such a great place to find wonderful movies all together on one channel.
I'm either going to be staying up WAY past my bedtime to catch the goodness or my DVR is gonna be smokin'. LOL
What a wonderful description you gave of hearing the fog horn. I almost heard it blowing myself. :)
As always, thanks for sharing!

Lynn B said...

Hi Edgar,

Thankyou for the beautiful christmas ornie that I have received, it is really lovely,
I shall hang it on my tree next year!
I will take photos sometime this week and put the photo on the Hooked On Exchanging Too blog and post it in my next post.

Kind regards

Lynn B

Alice said...

I feel a LoTR watch-a-thon coming on! My kids love doing that with me, and I get so much stitching done.
Anne of a Thousand Days is a great flick, maybe time to re-watch that too.