Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I've been Ornamented!!!

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends - the weather is gonna get a little cranky here in Baghdad by the Bay.  We are now being told that along with the rain - that should start up tomorrow night - we should expect there to be some snow flurries.  How odd is that!!  Now, I know it feels cold enough to snow, but to actually have some here in the city is so very odd.  I would love me some snow - for two reasons - 1) I just like the stuff and think it is pretty and 2) It will not stick so I can still drive and get around.  We shall see what happens.

Yesterday the mail brought me a lovely ornament from my HOE Exchange partner, Ina.  This ornament exchange was the Reindeer one and wraps up my participation for this round.  Here is a snap.....

He is just darling and its hard to see but he is wearing a great little green bead necklace/wreath.  Thank you so much Ina - he will look great on my stitching tree next year!!  The next HOE Ornament Round is for a Quaker inspired piece - I think I have picked out what I will stitch - now to get it stitched and finished up.

Last night the flicker was "North West Frontier" - 1959 - (also know by the American title of "Flame over India) - starring Kenneth Moore, Lauren Bacall, Herbert Lom, Wilfrid Hyde-White, I.S. Johar and Ursula Jeans.  Set in NW India in 1905 - the story revolves around a governess and the British are try to get an orphaned Indian Prince to safety.  They attempt to do this by train going across enemy held territory.  A fast paced and exciting British film with lots of action and wonderful scenery.  At just over 2 hours you never feel the time passing and once the film is over you miss the "Victoria's" little band of travellers.  I enjoyed the film and would recommend it to any fan of adventure films.

I worked a bit on Shores, but nothing spectacular and not a frog in site!!

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thank you all so much for the kind words for yesterdays post!!  
Do stop by again.

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riona said...

That is such a prim and proper reindeer ... it seems altogether pleased with itself ... I am betting it was just such a reindeer that made fun of poor Rudolph.

I am loving it!

Alice said...

If I may say so he has a right to be proud! Such a handsome fellow, with such a pretty necklace.

Snow in San Francisco? I would hope it doesn't stick as I believe there are very steep roads there. Ice would be a disaster!

Susan said...

Saw that flick a long time ago and yes it was good!

Glad the frogs didn't show up at the shore.

Happy Stitching!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your snow! I'd be happy to send you some of ours- it's frozen solid!I couldn't imagine driving in S.F. at a;;- never mind on slick roads! What a pretty reindeer. Sounds like a good movie. I'll check Netflix for it. Nancy D.

Jules said...

Enjoy the snow when (if) it comes!

Your reindeer received is quaint! I love the beaded necklace.

Kay said...

Love the reindeer - he is really cute! I will gladly send you some of the 17" of snow we got on Sunday/Monday. Luckily the 24" we got earlier in the month had mostly melted!

Daffycat said...

Snow is fun when it doesn't interfere with driving and life in general! Enjoy!

Awww, Ina stitched you one of my little reindeer! It's always such a thrill to come across one of my designs being stitched!

DonnaTN said...

It is a cute little reindeer. I like the kind of snow that looks pretty coming down, but stays on the ground and not the pavement.