Monday, February 14, 2011

A Drippy Monday Morning

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends today is a damp and getting damper kind of day.  The weather has finally shifted back to our more normal rainy winter weather and we are to be rained upon for the next few days.  

The weekend was very pleasant.  We had the house open for most of the two days as it was quite warm, but the minute that the sun went down it got very cool very fast.  I did get all my finishing done and have packages going out this morning.  I will wait to post snaps when the things arrive at their final destinations.

The stitching I got to was a bit more on Shores.  Here is a progress shot of Block 5....

It is a bit on the wonky side - but you get the idea.  That blue house was a lot of stitching, and back stitching.  I need to get the roof and bits of back ground in and then its on to the big double square.  

The baby pidges are up and's an action shot...

They are either flapping around are huddled up in a corner.  I tried to sneak up on them to get a good snap to show how big they have gotten, but they are very alert to any noise.  I'll try for better shots during the week.

We got our car back on Friday evening - WOO-HOO!!!  Robert is a great mechanic and can really work miracles.  He did us a huge favour by getting it done so quickly and I really appreciate him.  But, to get the car back I had to sell an arm, leg and my left ear to get enough money to pay for the darn thing.   We have been talking about looking to get a new car, but after pouring a butt load of cash into this car we are gonna drive it around a bit longer!!  and I do love not having a car payment!!!!

I baked up a pretty basic coffee cake yesterday.....
I am sure I have posted this recipe back in the Blog somewhere, but I will try an get it onto Blacksheep Bakes this week.

That's about it for today sports fans!!  Thanks for stopping by and for you kind comments.  I do really appreciate them immensely!!!!!

Take care,


diamondc said...

EDgar: I am in the coffee shop and looked at your coffee cake my mouth is watering no I am drooling, thank-yoiu for the picture of the baby bird I have 8 bird feeders in my yard I love birds all even the sparrows,
happy stitching

Margaret said...

Ouch on the car -- I know the feeling for sure. My car is getting ancient and something always needs to be replaced. We're hoping it'll last a while longer but we'll see. Love your Shores -- so pretty! You're on my favorite block right now! Thanks for the pidgey pic -- it's so fun to see how those babies grow! I love how the mamas tend to nest in your complex! Enjoy the rain -- better than snow, right? lol!

BrendaS said...

Nice progress on shores! Too bad about the car, hopefully it will last a while longer:)))

Too bad about the rain, but at least it's better than snow!

Have a good day.

KimV said...

Edgar... love the progress on shores! that house looks marvelouuuus! Coffee cake looks scrumptious... yum!

Mary said...

I just love the blue house! Sores is looking great.

I agree with Brenda's comment, rain is better than snow any day!

The coffee cake looks wonderful. Will be needing to make another one soon, so please share the recipe.

Have a great week!

Michelle said...

Love your progress on Shores. Isn't it nice to open up the house too, if only for an afternoon? That coffee cake looks so I'm hungry!

Berit said...

It is so wonderful not having a car payment, truly! I hope you're able to enjoy it for a while longer. :)

Beautiful progress, also. :)

DonnaTN said...

Glad you got your car back so fast, but too bad it was expensive. Shores is coming right along. I wish I had some coffee cake right about now.

Kathy A. said...

Congratulations on finishing Block 5. It is looking so wonderful.

Jo said...

Shores is looking fabulous. Sorry to hear about your motoring woes. we shelled out quite a bit last month for ours - cars are such money pits! Hope the rainy weather lifts

Anonymous said...

shores is looking great Edgar

lovely looking cake, yummy!
not so good having to fork out money for your car, i hope it lasts a while longer

Anonymous said...

Hi Edgar, I'm new here. Been lurking for a week or so. You have the best blog that I've come across so far...just wanted to say hi. Kathy from Chicago!

Mel said...

Houses are really coming along!

Sorry to hear about the car.

Alice said...

Shores looks terrific!

Natalia said...

Great progress on The Shores !!! Baby pigeon is so cute and that coffee cake looks moist and delicious. It would go very nicely with the coffee I am drinking right now !! LOL.