Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Movie Posting

GR&DF - oh my goodness - I am humbled by the PIF Stitching - I will take the names and do a drawing this evening for the 3 PIF Participants - Thank you so much!! Sharon asked a question about finishing, and how I learned. One of the best finishing sites has got to be Vonna's over at Twisted Stitcher - she runs her own finishing business and does a beautiful job, but she also has an area of Finishing Tutorials that is great. You will have to click under "My Other Blogs" to find the tutorials - they are clear and have pictures.

There have been quite a few flicks lately - some good, some not so good and a couple of really bad ones. I think I will talk about three pretty good ones..... the year is 1934 - early for many stars but the cameras where rolling and Hollywood Magic flowed to the masses.....

First up is "365 Nights in Hollywood" - 1934 - starring James Dunn and Alice Faye. Now you know I love me some Alice Faye - I think I have seen everything available with her in it - some of her early films come off a a bit creaky and stilted but her musical performances are top notch and lovely. "365 Nights" is one of the more creaky and stilted story lines and some of the acting is wooden, but there are some shinning points. It would seem that there is a single print left of this film and it is not as good as it could be - a bit grey and streaky. The story line is car hop makes good in film industry, while exposing a rigged acting school - in a nut shell - For all the film is the high points are the musical numbers - here is a really nice one from early in the film -

As I said the picture quality is not very good, but production value is great for 1934.

Next up was a DVD from Netflix that I didn't know would turn out to be a double feature. On one side I found "Little Miss Marker" - 1934 - starring Adolphe Menjou, Dorothy Dell, Charles Bickford and Shirley Temple. Notice who had 4th billing. A really cute Damon Runyon story about a very negative bookie who falls for the always effervescent Shirley Temple. The story plays out and there is a happy ending.

The last film is the flip side of the "Little Miss Marker" DVD - and a Shirley film I had never herd of or seen before called "Now and Forever" - 1934 - starring Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard and Shirley Temple. Gary Cooper and Carole Lombard are at their gorgeous best BTW. An interesting story and an odd vehicle for Shirley Temple - early in her career as she was just starting to make it big. This really is an adult film focused around Cooper and Lombard's characters that happens to have Shirley in it as the catalyse for the adults to go "straight."

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Maggie O said...

That was amazing...I have been told to watch Mr. Blanding Builds a Dream House for a design course I am taking...I am now looking forward to it after seein gthis "old" movie. Though not a musical I think I will enjoy it now. These little "life is beautiful" breaks on your blog are fantastic.

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Great movies...always love to see your reviews!

Hope you and Rico are getting in the Halloween spirit...I know I am!


Sharon said...

Thanks for the site recommendation...I'll pop over there and hopefully, by the next time you offer a PIF, I'll be a finishing fool!!! :)

MarchAnn58 said...

Once again some good movies that bring back old times and saturday morning movies.

Kielrain said...

I am so happy to be one of your PIFs. I have set up my own on my blog now. Thanks so much!

Vonna said...

You sweetheart :)
I was just talking about you with my friend at work today...he likes old movies too and I said he needed to look you up :)
Well in fact we did look you up - On our break (of course - yeah right)!