Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Low Key Tuesday -

GR&DF here we are at the "hump" of the week. Looking forward to the weekend. I am putting off the finish on my exchange piece until the weekend - for no other reason than I am a total lazy butt and procrastinator. Last night stitching was focused on Shores - just the outline blue of the next square - I did move on to square 3 - I guess I am doing them in order. I also started to pull together my next start. I have all the DMC floss for the piece and got all 34 of those suckers on the little bobbin things - but I am really feeling the need to do it in silk. It is an older pattern so the only colour key is DMC - the silk conversion will take a bit of doing. I really like HDK silks and they are so affordable, but I have so many NPI silks now from doing the HRH pieces - what to do??

We got home yesterday - after stopping off for haircuts - to find Liza Minnelli on the Oprah show. It is amazing to see Liza still out there doing her thing and going strong after all these years of performing!!! Brava!!

We also got in some pool time - which was relaxing, even with the fog rolling in and the cold breezes blowing. At 8pm we where perched in front of the "Tube" to catch the season premier of GLEE - and how super was the first show!! Sue Sylvester is still a super character and so evil!! It looks like another super show!! i could do without the dozens of commercials!

The movie last night after Glee, really wasn't a movie, but movie related - "Hidden Hollywood" - 1997 - hosted by Joan Collins - this film was a collection of deleted clips from films - deleted not because they weren't superior but often to shorten up films or for less noble reasons. Some top quality pieces with big stars - worth a look for the movie fan. These clips are only from the 20th Century Vaults and no other studios. With this little taste of the "lost" and "hidden" pieces of film makes one wonder at what else is just piled up and locked away!!

I am sorry that I didn't mention in my little review yesterday about the songs in "Hole in the Head" - here is the Academy Award winning song from the film -

The Garden of Eden Hotel is in the background.

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Sharlotte said...

I seen the title of your post and I thought , "oh, my gosh, today is Tuesday?" LOL Ever have those days when you get a little thrown? You probably think I'm an airhead, and some days that would be true. My mom says I'm easily led!

I haven't seen Lixa in quite some time. I rarely watch Oprah and I missed The Doctors yesterday or I would have seen the promo for it. Rats!

Sharlotte said...

Lixa? Today just isn't my day! I'll have to be careful when I go out! I meant Liza of course!

Patti said...

It's Wednesday. I know it's Wednesday because my DH said so! Edgar thank you so much for the song. I just love it. though it must have been from a different film because it didn't say anything about a dam but abut a rubber tree plant. But I still love the song just got the words confused.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Patti said...

I stand corrected. You just got the second verse instead of the first verse which I remembered. I just went online and listened to the whole song.
Patti xxx

Margaret said...

Your HDF vs NPI -- I would go for the NPI, but that's just me. Both silks are really nice IMO. I missed Liza on Oprah. Bummer -- I would have liked to see that!

Meadows08 said...

Glee was great, and there were a TON of commercials. I would bet far more than usual on a hour long program.

What are HDK silks? I know what NPI stands for but not the other.

valerie said...

Liza is terrific! Did you know she's coming to SF in December. I'm tempted!