Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Week Ends

GR&DF wrapping up the week - woohoo!! Two days to sleep late and do nothing. Although "nothing" should really say "no work." I have a couple of things on the agenda this weekend, but if they fall through it will be no big deal. The weekend her in San Francisco is a Leather Fest Weekend - culminating on Sunday "South of Market" - with the the Folsom Street Fair - which for those not in the know is an internationally famous leather and bondage Fest of the kinky kind. I wont put a link to it, but if you are at all interested you can Google it and read about all the festivities in glorious detail. As with all the street fairs in the city, and there are many through out the year - HERE is a link - , they all are about the same with various tweaks on the different or sponsoring themes. The Folsom Street Fair is not on my agenda - I think the last time I went was about 10 years ago and that was under duress - we had some friends in town for it specifically - so we all went.

Not much else since yesterday - after work we where out by the pool for a good long while. it was very sunny and a light breeze was blowing so it couldn't have been nicer.

Thanks you all for your sweet kind comments for yesterdays post - April Michelle mentioned a heating pad to keep the hounds warm - and we usually wear out at least one of them year. It stays going most of the time and the who-hounds are usually in a tussle as to who will get it or be right in the middle of the pad and be Queen hound!!

Only a week or so left to sign up for the Hobbity Birthday Gift-a-way Drawing - click HERE to post a comment to enter.

There you go sports fans. Thank you again for stopping by! Do come again.

Take care,


Berit said...

Sounds like a great weekend up ahead--I'd only go to that fest under duress, myself.

The band that Dear Marc got roped into playing bass for (long story, that) has its first gig tonight in some place 5 miles past the back side of the beyond so we're trekking out there in a bit.

I can understand about the hounds--I have TWO heating blankets (one for the couch and one for the bed) plus a heating pad. :) My good friend bought a sunbeam for his Min Pin and of course that Hound loves it, yet he will insist that it be spread out flat, which of course compromises its ability to heat!

Have a great weekend. :)

Jules said...

Have a great weekend (even if you will read this afterwards, lol)! Be sure to check my Friday (9/24) post as it is just for you... ;D

DonnaTN said...

I'm not one for bondage and leather either. I'm more the goody two shoes type. I'd probably need someone to explain how the stuff was used and still be clueless! Have a great weekend.

MyLifesAStitch said...

Have a great weekend!!

jt56 said...

Hope you have a great weekend! Edgar I wanted to ask you for your recommendations for your favourite Needlework stores.I am from Christchurch NZ where we had the big earthquake earlier this month. We had tried to get a raincheck on our tickets and rebook later in the year but thay were only doing that till the end of September and we leave on 02 October. We would have lost big dollars to change it so we are going and hoping for some peaceful uninterrupted sleep without being woken every night with the aftershocks. Thanks Edgar Jocelyn