Friday, September 4, 2009

Whoop Whoop it be Fridaaaaay!!!!!

GR&DF throw those hands in the air - and say again - whoop whoop!!! Another week has ended with its usual fizzle, but the weekend - and a three day weekend to boot - is here at last. Now it is officially - for me at least - Fall and all the wonderful things that go with this time of year.

The mail brought me a wonderful piece from the 3 Round Of the Prairie Schooler Exchange. It is a Halloween Ornament - and the first for me this year - Here is a snap....

My partner was Jo Anne (no blog) and she has stitched and finished a beautiful piece for me. Thank you so much - I just love it!!!!

it has been a while and I thought you might like to see the pidges - both the baby pidge and the "vulture "group that sort of hangs out waiting for a free snack.
Here is a rather plump baby pidge -

She is way skittish and starts to swell up and often flap and peep if she is disturbed. We are thinking she will always be this way due to the trauma from when she fell out of the nest/window box, but who knows... she could just be a psycho city chicken. Now across the light well from the nest/box there have been a row of "vultures" that sit there all the time -

We think that mama stink eye sits the closest to the nest at the left and that two of them are the first batch of "CC" (city chickens) and who the fourth is we haven't a clue. Some interloper looking for a hand out probably.

My stitching last night was on an exchange piece so no snaps. :(
I want to finish up my Needle Roll Exchange this weekend so there may not be a stitchity snap on Tuesday either, but you never know. :)

I wonder if anyone else is as spastic about the upcoming "Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow" as I am. Miss Kathy B released a sneak peek of Block 1 and Block 4 on her blog here and they are in a word GORGEOUS!!!!! I know, I know.... I have that last square of VoHRH to finish and I have all of the "Shores" NPI silk - but no linen as my bean brain wont decide on what I want to do it on!! Now, here is "Christmas" - and I must do this piece. Not only is it Christmas but it would seem that she is using one of my favorite carols as a theme - I am really excited - could you tell!!!

I'll finish out the week with a sweet puppy shot of The Peach....

Can you tell she had been asleep until I pulled out the camera, not one of her favorite things.

Thank you all for stopping by and commenting!!! Have a great 3 Day Weekend!!!
I'll see you on Tuesday.

Take care,


Cole said...

What a great exchange! It looks like a fantastic group!

I followed your link for Christmas... Block 5 is now posted too!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Kathy said...

Great exchange piece.

I see what you mean about the Christmas piece. those sneak peeeks are simply GORGEOUS!

Have a fantabulous weekend.

Berit said...

Hoo-ray for Friday!! :D

I just love that fat pidge--how round she is!!

I saw CHRH earlier this morning, and boy are those HRH's intimidating. They sure are nice, but also DENSELY stitched! Whew! I don't think I'm quite up to it yet...

Natasha said...

Cute exchange piece she did a great job finishing.

I am excited to go check our the new design from Cathy, I have been waiting for a sneak peak.

have a great three day weekend :)

Sharlotte said...

Thanks for the update on the pidges.Love the PS exchage piece.I checked out Kathy's new Christmas piece.I would love to do VoHRH ,but I have as yet to get the pattern.Is it done in silks? Is there a conversion to DMC? I have trouble working with the silks.I am traveling for about an hour today to look at a needlework shop in another town.Our LNS closed about 2 years ago and there isn't another one closer.Well,maybe Branson but I'm not dealing w/ the traffic!Maybe I'll see the Village pattern today.Have a great weekend!

Margaret said...

Oh my, that baby pidgey does seem plump! I do hope the poor thing isn't going to be traumatized forever. That's funny to see those other pidgeons sitting there in a row! I am also going nuts over the Christmas at HRH piece. Been haunting Kathy's blog waiting for more pics! Block 5 is up now! :D

Kielrain said...

Lovely exchange. Come on fall!

I can't wait for CHRH.... and I just started houses!

Sharlotte said...

Thanks Edgar!

Nancy said...

I love the owl that Joanne stitched for you! The Peach is absolutely adorable! Enjoy your three day weekend.

Rachel S said...

I am waiting for Christmas to be released. Can't wait.

The ornament is so pretty!

Alice said...

I love your little puppa--she reminds me of mine only smaller.

Sheila said...

What a little cutie Peach is :) Great exchange piece and love the photo of baby pidge trying to disguise itself as a football. Hope it isn´t too traumatised by its earlier escapade.

Jennifer said...

Oh yes, "SPASTIC" describes to a tee today!

Myra said...

TGIF! Love the pics of the pidges and the Peach is just adorable. I too have been watching the CHS blog. Looks like this one will be a beauty. Have a gr8 (long) weekend!

Gabi said...

Great exchange piece. The little chickens look adorable. And yes, I'm looking very much forward too to the new Hawk Run Hollow. There got just another sneek peek released.

Loraine said...

Oh, I love the snaps of the new Christmas of HRH. I'm feel just like you. Have all 3 of the other samplers, and I'm actually working on Shores, which has been a little painful lately, but I'm dying to do the other 2, and now this one.... maybe we need to have another SAL to help us get them other projects done!
Love the birdies. Mama Stink-eye is a great name.

Siobhan said...

What a beautiful exchange piece! Just perfect for this time of year. :)

Christmas at HRH is FABULOUS. But then I love everything CHS. I love the colors that Kathy used on it.

Your pup is adorable.

Melody said...

I totally agree about waiting in suspense for Christmas at HRH! Nice to read about others waiting in anticipation too....makes me feel good to have others as crazy as me.

It's not like we don't have a bizillion other projects waiting....right?

Have a wonderful weekend.