Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Remembering the Past

GR&DF I did want to thank you all for the very kind comments about my snaps of the fog. I really enjoy watching this stuff roll into and over the city even after all these years of living here. Yesterday didn't disappoint with the fog and it was a carbon copy of the day before with the only difference being the fog rolled in a little later than usual.

I had an email from a reader asking about things I had done before SF - My first real job after graduating from East Carolina University - I worked as Director of Education for the Edgecombe County Cultural Arts Council that operates the Blount-Bridgers House - c 1808.
Here is a snap of the House -

Although this facade faces the Town of Tarboro, NC - it was actually the back of the house. Looking to the left you can see in the background another Farm house - more typical of the small farmers of the period in Eastern NC - called the Pender Museum (Everitt House c. 1810) - this building was moved to the property and restored in the early 1980's.

From this experience I moved on to Ocala, Florida where I became the Curator of Education at the Appleton Museum of Art. -
Both of these facilities are really wonderful - so if you are ever in Tarboro NC or Ocala FL - I would highly recommend visiting either venue, you will not be disappointed!!

I was stitching away last night on exchange stuff so no snap - It remember last Fall the same thing - tons of stitching but not so many snaps!!

Still watching Duchess of Duke Street - I am almost finished with the first series - only a single installment left, then it is on to the Second Series - I still cant say too many good things about this BBC series. The DVD quality is off at times but the production values and acting are superior.

There you go sports fans!! Today is Farmers Market Day so I will have some snaps of that upcoming adventure tomorrow. Don't Forget to sign up for the Birthday Drawing on this Post.

Thank you for stopping by!!

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Sharlotte said...

Lovely past employments. I love the pic of the one in NC. DH's uncle, aunt, and cousin live in Ocala,Fl. His cousin is an artist for Universal Studios there. I'll have to wait 'til tomorrow night for those wonderful pics of the Farmer's Market. I'll be at the hospital with my mom. Have a great day!

Sharlotte said...

Oh, one more thing...did you see that Kathy has up the whole CoHRH on her site? Go check it out.

Jennifer said...

Duchess of Duke Street!?!?! OMG, were we seperated at birth? My all-time fave (also Upstairs/Downstairs). Do you recognize Louisa Trotter as also being Bridget Jones' mother many years later? I love how the BBC uses the immense talents and versatility of it's actors in so many different roles over many decades. How about that evil Forsythe guy in the 'Forsythe Saga' as the incredibly kind and sweet commanding officer on 'Band of Brothers'? Now that's a leap(not to mention a nationality change).
Would that be the Jacksonsville campus of East Carolina University?

Anna van Schurman said...

So, former director of education, have you been sandbagging us with the spelling and grammar mistakes? ;)

Kielrain said...

What wonderful places to work! wow.

I have always like Duchess of Cuke Street. One of my favorites. :)

lsiggins said...

Edgar - until recently, I had assumed that you were a stay at home dad for your puppy : ) not sure how you find the time to do all you do (stitching for yourself and all your exchanges, estate sales, movies, household chores, canning, baking, and cooking, famers market shopping, etc.) AND have a job outisde the home! Do you ever sleep?!

Myriam said...

Bonne soirée!

Tracey said...

I didn't know you were an ECU grad! I live about an hour from there. :)

Margaret said...

So are you still a director of education? Pretty impressive! Loved seeing your old digs, so to speak. My FIL lives near Ocala -- nice place! I think we may even have gone to the Appleton Museum.

Lee said...

Oh Edgar, the Duchess of Duke Street will only get better and better as you progress through the series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Addie said...

Edgar - The old farmhouse in North Carolina would make a wonderful central theme for a sampler!!! You should design your own sampler from that image, including some symbols or trees that depict the area, adding an alphabet at the top. Since you are a wonderful stitcher and an artist, this museum would make a wonderful sampler (they could even sell it for a profit from their museum shop).

I made a mailing envelope for my friend in Pittsburg by using her old red-brick home as the theme, which was fun! Addie

Addie said...

Edgar - The old farmhouse in North Carolina would made a wonderful central theme for a sampler!! You should design your own sampler with the house in the center, including symbols, trees and animals and an alphabet at the top. Since you are such an accomplished stitcher and artist, this would be beautiful, I'm sure. Also, the museum could perhaps sell it for a profit at their shop.

I made a stitched mailing envelope for a friend in Pittsburg by using her old red-brick home as the design. It was a fun project to do!
Addie (from Gainesville, FL)

Nic said...

Duchess of Duke Street? Oh my! I used to watch that as a child - it was on BBC on Sunday evenings ... I was allowed to watch on condition I went straight to bed afterwards!

Tessa said...

What a beautiful, beautiful old home - you don't see anything like that here in the land of Aus!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me one of my all time favorites, and now I know its name ( I had totally forgotten it). And now, also be reading the other comments I see who Bridget Jones mom is. Amazing!!
Thanks again