Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Beautiful Pyn Keepe and Commenting on Comments

GR&DF - Thank you all for the kind comments over the last couple of days - as always they are the bight spots in an otherwise very bleak life.... sniff, sniff..... not really so bleak , but I do enjoy reading them. What you don't see is in the morning I am sitting here all by myself I am usually talking to the computer as I read - you just can't hear me carrying on the conversation. Corinna asked about the salutation I have started to use - GR&DF = Gentle Readers and Dear Friends - I really like that and feel that writing this blog for the past few years I have come to know and feel that - although it is cyber space and I am writing out into the ether - that I have made some super friends. I always remember the old Irish saying "A Friend is a stranger you haven't met." I have met so many nice people through this space that I feel really blessed.

On meeting and making friends - Nancy - a reader of the Black Sheep - contacted me about my love of the tea towel. She wanted to send me one - well, yesterday I received a package that not only contained a beautiful towel, but she was she also included a great Fall Pyn Keepe - Here is a snap -

Isn't it just the sweetest thing and so appropriate for the season - Fall is my favorite!! Thank you so much!

After mentioning that I was watching a mini series about Napoleon - Meadow asked about my reading a trilogy of books about Josephine B. - by Sandra Gulland - Yes, I read them a year or so ago and would highly recommend them. Although a fictionalized story they are based on Josephine's life and are a really good read. I did finish up the a mini series about Napoleon. It is broken up onto three discs. Only Disc I and Disc II have the actual mini series on them. The third disc has some extras but they are not as good as they could be and could be missed if one was so inclined.

Shelia mentioned the one of Saturdays purchases - the DVD "Pennies from Heaven" - 1981 - starring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters. A nice movie with super music it was based on the TV Mini Series of the same name from 1978. The six part mini series starred Bob Hoskins was produced by the BBC.

Margaret commented that her husband was a bread baker - my hats off to him.... I am so envious as my bread baking is sorry at best and a total disaster on most occasions. I think there is a real nack to having a loaf turn out correctly and I just do not posses this nack. Talking about bread - Julianne said that her daughter noticed the way the bread in southern California tasted different - it has to be the water supply - bread and bread products change from place to place because of the different water used some places have really great bread while others are not so good. It is also the flour used but water has a lot to do with it. Maggie remembered having Dutch Crunch bread here in the city - Most shops that make sandwiches or sell bread have Dutch Crunch bread - I love it and when given a choice about what bread should be used in a sandwich - I will choose a Dutch Crunch roll over sour dough every time!!

Cindy Mae said that her Farmers Market is kind of expensive I am lucky in that the Farmers Markets I frequent - the one in the Civic Center and the one in the western addition have really competitive pricing and are often much lower than any super market around. Even when stopping by a green grocer in the Mission the prices are better than our chain store - Safeway - Not only is the pricing better but I really like the idea of getting produce directly from the farmer AND in season. Yes, it is nice to be able to get a strawberry in the dead of winter but what does it taste like and how far did it have to come???? Eat Seasonally and shop locally - my produce mantra.

I did want to say that we have a balcony again - out building manager has let us know that it is complete -so we will be re planting - so to speak - since 95% of the plants that we had are brown sticks - it should be nice for the Fall.

Last night was a total non-stitchity evening. I spent the entire time cleaning out the guest bedroom closet - That sucker was packed - from top to bottom and front to back - sort of bulging with a ton of stuff that needed to be gone through. After sorting through the piles and dumping a shopping cart full into the trash - I have ended up with quite a few bags and boxes of stuff ready for the Garage Sale we are having on the 12th. Dale, Rico and I a hauling all our "not used" stuff out and having a sale. I was amazed at the things I found and had kept. Way too much stuff - time to declutter my life a bit!!!! We still have the second master closet and the hall closet to get into - then we need to get into the storage area under the staircase (what a total nightmare!!!) - but it needs doing and there is no time like the present to get rid of the unwanted!!!

Thank you all once again for stopping by!!

Take care,


Alf N Stitches said...

I enjoy your blog so much! You are inspiring me to clean out my closets! Glad your patio is up and usable again!

Margaret said...

What a wonderful pyn keepe! As for the Sandra Guiland series about Josephine -- I read that too! I really enjoyed it, but couldn't remember who wrote it. I still haven't gotten that miniseries -- I need to head over to netflix now and put it on my list. Good for you and that closet. I so need to do the same thing, only not only with the closets, but the whole basement, the attic, everywhere! Ugh! A married lifetime's accumulation of stuff, including kid things. You're so good to be cleaning it all out and also having a tag sale. i can't face the idea of a tag sale. Oh, and that's interesting about the bread tasting different in different places. It's feeling like baking season out now -- can't wait! I have to nudge my husband. :D

staci said...

For really tasty and easy homemade bread, try the book "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day". A super simple basic recipe (no kneading) that keeps in the fridge and can make a variety of breads. With this book, it's all about technique which is well explained and easy to carry out :)

Peggy Lee said...

Don't fret yourself Edgar...I can't bread to save my life either!
Glad to see your computer's attitude has changed this morning.
I made Crescent Roll Apple Dumplings yesterday. good! Just google it and it should take you to the receipe.
Have a cheery day!

Peggy Lee said...

That would be...."bake bread"....


Can't bake it, can't type it!!

Kathy said...

And while you are cleaning and preparing for your garage sale just think of all the space you are making for more stash and your weekend shopping ventures. :)

Louann said...

I am a fairly new blog reader, and I wanted to let you know I go to your blog first thing each morning. I was crushed on Monday when there was no posting. I am quickly finding that reading blogs is addictive and eats into my stitching time, but for now I'm hooked. Love to see your photos of the farmers markets, as well as your stitching photos and hear about your SALs and exchanges . How exciting to get the mail and find gifts from all over the world! I have been stitching for 40 yrs. and worked in a cross stitch shop for 5 years, but the blogging, stitch-alongs, and exchanges make up a whole new world for me. Keep up the good work, Edgar!


Nancy said...

I think this lovely Autumn weather has all of us in a decluttering mood! Starting next week I'm cleaning out and decluttering all of our closets and doing another major cleanup of the house. It seems like I just did all of this, but it's amazing how much can accumulate in a short time.

I'm so glad you like your pinkeep Edgar. Enjoy this most beautiful season!

Denise said...

I am sorry that I did not know about Dutch Crunch bread when we visited San Francisco a few years ago. I'll remember to get some next time!
Be sure and take some good photos of your yard sale. Wish I could come shop!

corinna said...

thanks dear writer and gentle friend......smiles c

Sheila said...

I didn´t realise there was a remake of the Bob Hoskins Pennies From Heaven series... it is the BBC series that I love:)
How are the pidgies these days?

Tracey said...

What a beautiful gift! And thanks for posting about GR&DF, I was wondering about that also. :) Comments are great aren't they? I wish I got as many as you do! lol I'm so glad I happened upon your blog. Have a great rest of the week! :)

Sharlotte said...

What wonderful things you've got going on! You have your balcony back,you've received wonderful things in the mail and your cleaning your closets! Can I borrow you this weekend? LOL! I too must do the closet overhall. I too have been thinking about sending you a tea towel since I know you love them ,but I was affraid you would think I was nuts.I would love to see all the stuff you have that you're selling.DH would just say I have way too much anyway...sigh... a body came dream though.

Berit said...

I am also de-cluttering lately! Go, you! You'll feel so much better as you slog through the winter season with all of that stuff out of your way--or at least that's what I keep telling myself!

Colleen said...

I remember when I first moved to CA from PA and told my DH that milk tasted "weird". The cows are raised entirely different in CA from PA and I could taste the difference. And don't get me started on the water in CA! YUK!!! And the cold water is always warm...LOL

Love the pyn keep! How nice of her :)

Kathy A. said...

That is a lovely pyn keepe and so appropriate for you.
Oh my - closet cleaning - can be dangerous. You never know what you will find in there.Good luck with that.
Baking bread - I just use the trusty old bread machine. I am a huge fan of sourdough and they have a sourdough mix here that is to die for!
Don't clean too hard - stitch a bit instead lol

Siobhan said...

What a beautiful pyn keepe! Lucky you. Nancy does such lovely work.