Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Slow Week Ahead

I am seeing that this week will be slow and even - at work and home - the tail end of summer is upon us. When I lived in NC or FL the beginning of August was a always a dreaded time as the last couple of months of summer where always the most severe - the hottest and often brought with them those pesky hurricanes! Since I am out west and in the Bay area I really don't dread these moths any more as they are some of the most cool and comfortable moths of the year. As we head into October we may get a few warmer days but they fade quickly.

Nothing much stitching going on that I can show here - I did put a couple of stands of silk into the Beatrix Potter Companion piece - do you remember her?? Nothing at significant that I can show. I am mailing out my HOE Summer House Exchange piece this morning. It has a way to go so the snaps will be a while coming. As I mentioned yesterday my stuff "Sail Away" SAL is altogether for the start - and I have gotten all the info out to the next Quaker RR stitchers - we have a bit before the first great shifting in the middle of September. Now I just have to decide about what linen and floss I want to use - I am always second guessing myself before I put needle to linen.

There have been many movies over the last few days - the two most recent were last night - starting off with "Bells are Ringing" - 1960 - starring Judy Holliday, Dean Martin and Jean Stapleton. A musical comedy from a play. I really like this film and think Judy Holliday is really cute in the role of Ella Peterson. If you like Judy and you like Dean you will like this flick. The second film was "Twelve O'Clock High" - 1949 - starring Gregory Peck and Dean Yeager. A great film about American bomber pilots in WWII.

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