Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flick and Stitches

Thank you all for the kind comments about the Sampler. I was asked about the charts - they are from last years Loose Feathers - # 31 - parts 1 & 2, #32 - part 3, #33 - part 4 and #34 - part 5. I think I will live with it a bit before adding anything else to the bottom. I figured out that I have only worked on and off on this for about 4 weeks - so it worked up really quickly - The idea of just adding the stitching dates with some extra little do-dads that are at the top sounded pretty good - it does seem to be top heavy - but there is no rush as I do not have a frame, yet.

I do have a snap of a small start from the weekend-

It is a Christmas Present for someone that does not read the blog so I am safe.
Not something I would normally do, but perfect for the recipient.

Last night the flicker was "Brigham Young" - 1940 - starring a host of big names - Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, Dean Jagger, Jane Darwell, John Carradine, Mary Astor and Vincent Price as the prophet Joseph Smith. An excellent movie, well acted and directed. I have read that it is not as accurate as the actual events that got the Mormons to the Great Salt Lake Valley - but then what Hollywood Bio-Pic ever is. While watching the movie I did not realize the extent of persecution of the Mormons as they fled from state to state finally ending in Utah. At 2 hours it is entertaining and well acted and shot in wonderful B&W.

Thanks again for stopping by and for the great comments - I do appreciate them!!!

Take care,


Carol R said...

It looks like a native American beaded bracelet - love it!

Sherry said...

Your new start looks very interesting! Thanks for the info on the BBD mystery sampler. I have 2 of them so I need to order the other 2 so I can stitch it up!

Mary Elizabeth said...

This is so beautiful. Is it your own design?

Kathy A. said...

Now that is an interesting piece. Native American I assume. I look forward to seeing it develop.

CindyMae said...

Great start! It looks lovely! Not something that I would do either, but I do like it anyway!