Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday has come again....

Well, at least I got some stitching and a movie in last night - instead of just snoozing!! I just hate it when I waste an evening and nothing is accomplished!! I started another stitchity present - that should work up in the next week or so, but no snaps.

I don't think I mentioned it but as the pidglettes are getting bigger - mama pidge has gone and laid another egg in the second window box. Now, she made no nest or any preparations but just sort of squatted and out popped and egg in the window box. She has also worked up a major stink eye anytime we go in or out of the front door as it is less than 3 feet from her new egg on dirt situation. The other two have grown in some major feathers and sort of move around in that cramped little nest. I will get some snaps posted on Monday of our ever expanding aviary.

Last night the flicker was interesting "We Live Again" - 1934 starring Fredric March and Anna Sten. A Tsarist Russian love story taken from the novel "Resurrection" by Leo Tolstoy. Don't watch expecting "Dr. Zhivago" - this film sort of plodded along to a very predictable ending.

I did want to thank Bronny for the kind accolade for this blog!! It was very kind and I do appreciate it!!!

I had a couple of questions about the LF Mystery Sampler - the linen I am using is one I had that fit AND I liked the colour. It is LL Vintage Sand Dune, 32 ct. I would have really wanted to do this on 36ct but did not have a piece that fit and I wasn't willing to chop up a big piece. I don't know why but I am always so reticent to hack into a lovely big piece of linen. In fact I will get more linen cut specifically to fit before cutting up a big piece in my stash, is that a weirdness or what??? At some point I usually just give in - but I still hate doing it!! The other question was how big is the piece - now the linen is 18 x 27 - and there is a pretty generous space around the piece - I would think sitting here (and not having measured it like I should have) that it is about 15 x 23.

I wanted to let you go this week with a snap of sweet Aalyiah - Rico's Mom and entourage came to visit last weekend so I got some cute snappers of the baby......

There you go sports fans!! Have a great weekend - and remember same Bat time, same Bat channel next week!!!!

Take care,


Wendy said...

Oh Edgar.. I do that very same thing with my fabric. I practically break out in a sweat at the thought of cutting into a larger piece of fabric. It's made more insane by the fact that I like to buy spare fabric in fat quarters, but then refuse to cut it. *sigh* So if you're weird you have a kindred spirit in me (gee, that makes you feel better, doesn't it?? heh)

Aaliyah is adorable! I love photos of babies sleeping - they are so precious.

Cindy F. said...

Aaliyah is absolutely too precious for words!! What an adorable blessing!

I'm also afraid of cutting and I count and recount!! good luck!!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Take the total stitch count for width divided by 16 (if you are stitching over 2) equals the total design width then add 6" for a 3" border on each side to get the needed fabric width. Do the same for length. Or just try this stitch calculator
Hope this helps you feel more confident. Sweet baby pic. CJ ok;-)

Milly~ said...

Aalyiah is such a sweet angel.

Anonymous said...

I also will avoid cutting up a large piece of linen. It is like I want to find the perfect large design to work on it, instead of using it for maybe 2-3 projects.

I have a couple half yards that haven't been cut for this very reason....and yet I will still go out and buy more fabric.

Hazel said...

What a gorgeous babe!! x

J Rae said...

Aaliyah is so beautiful! What a precious snap of her! :-)

I've been on vaca for a while and haven't been able to check out your blog lately. So, here goes...

-Love the frame for Lo Rose
-You received a great PS Santa!
-The HE Santa piece you stitched was lovely. Really like the rickrack trim.
-Mystery Sampler sure is pretty and coming along quickly
-Your PIFs sure look great! Love that pattern!
-Your ABC SAL piece turned out gorgeous! I love the colors!
-All the food looks yummy! Thanks for sharing the Pinwheels recipe. I have company coming this week and printed it off to try while they are here.
-Thanks for sharing the picture of the birdies!

Also, fully understand about cutting fabric!!! It always makes me nervous. :-)

CindyMae said...

Counting and cutting are just bad things!! LOL Aaliyah is just precious!!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Oh, Aalyiah is a cutie!! Meant to comment on your last post, but forgot. LF is just gorgeous! I liked it when I saw MArgie stitch it up, but seeing yours is making it move ever higher on my "must stitch" list! Have a great weekend!

Caroline said...

What a beautiful baby! Lovely photo.