Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Things

Just a quick movie posting today - last evenings stitching was finishing up on some of the exchanges - tonight will be a new start night on something that has been kitted up for quite a while.....

Yesterdays comments brought a question from Evelyn about how I attach the pieces to the box. I think you could use any kind of glue - I use hot glue - for a couple of reasons - it sets really quickly and holds, there is not the long drying period nor is there chance of the moisture in the glue to seep through either the box top or the actual stitched piece. Both the lining of the inside and the two top pieces on the outside are made like I would make a Pyn Keepe - cutting a piece of board to fit, gluing some batting on - on boxes I use a thinner bamboo batting - when making a Pyn Keepe I use a much thicker cotton batting. The glue for sticking the batting to the board is Tacky Glue that I let sit over night to dry - I then stitch the piece of fabric or stitching to this batting covered board and then hot glue this "half a Pyn Keepe" to the appropriate area either inside or on top. Then you glue the cording or decorative edging to the outside and there you go. That "short" description is not so short - if it isn't clear just ask and I will try and explain it better.

There was two flicks last night - one good and one not so good - The not so good one was "Mama Mia" - 2008 - starring Meryl Streep. I really wanted to like this movie, but by the half way point it was just too painful and not good to watch that I flicked the disc back into its Netflix envelope. I am not sure what was the main "wrong thing" - the place it was filmed was beautiful, the ABBA songs I like - the actors and actresses I liked as a group - I guess it seemed that not one actor was connecting at all - and it seemed that every single time people met they would scream for joy for no apparent reason - what was up with that!!!! I know that many people have enjoyed this film and it was recommended to me - but I was super glad I only had it a s a DVD rental and did not go the the theatre to see it. There are much better crafted musicals out there and although Meryl Streep is a suburb actress and does a superior job in many movies - the musical genre is not her forte and she was completely miscast, as where many of the actors - they are good in other things but not this.

The second flicker of the evening was "Miracle at Midnight" - 1998 a made for TV movie starring Sam Waterston and Mia Farrow. It had that look and feel of a TV movie but the story was good. Basically it was the story of the Danish people and the Danish Resistance hiding and the helping their Jewish Neighbors during the Nazi round up at Rosh Hashana in 1943. I really enjoyed and was moved by the story - the acting in places leaves a lot to be desired - but, overall a good movie and worth seeing. It was backed by the Disney Company so it never gets very graphic and is a fine family film.

Thanks once again for stopping by and the great comments - I really appreciate it!!!

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KarenV said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only person (along with my DH) who didn't like Mamma Mia! We only made it through about the first 1/2 hour (if that) and then gave up. I love Julie Walters, Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep too - just not in this film.

Coni said...

I won't watch Mama Mia for the simple fact that I have a crazy-ass neighbor lady who insists on sitting in her car in her driveway while blaring the soundtrack to this movie for God Himself and the entire neighborhood to hear. At 2am. Sheesch.

Patti said...

My grandson said he wanted Mama Mia for Christmas so I went and bought it for him - he is only just 9 now, and was told it was too old for him so here it sits unwatched and unloved and guess it will remain so. Thanks for the comments on it - I won't bother to open it. Love Patti xxx

Karen said...

I am one of the ones that really liked Mama Mia except for Pierce Bronsan. The man can't sing whatsoever! it was just a fun, quirky movie for me. LOL

thanks for the description on how you finished your box. I was curious how you glued to top piece on as well.

Evelyn said...

Edgar, Thanks so much for the detailed description of the box. That is exactly the info that I needed to know. I'm definitely going to give it a try. Gracias!

Diane said...

Oh, Edgar, I don't mean to pick on your spelling, but you made me laugh where you said Meryl Streep is a "suburb" actress. I'm sure you meant "superb", but the phrase caught my eye before I read the whole post with it in context. My confused (twisted?) mind immediately went to a Meryl Streep fan club composed entirely of housewives. LOL!

I haven't seen Mama Mia yet. I canceled my Blockbuster mail account a couple months ago because we had stopped using it (3 movies sat in our house for 6 months without being watched or returned) and I don't want to see it bad enough to pay to rent or buy it. I'll wait until it shows up on cable.

Carol R said...

I didn't like Mama Mia either! I had to sit one afternoon at my son's house while everyone else watched and enjoyed it. If only I had taken my stitching with me!

DaisyGirl said...

I agree about Mama Mia, I so wanted to like that movie! I read what Coni wrote- tell her I feel for her, we have a young 20 something that lives next door to us! OMG, if it makes noise that asshole has it! I have called the cops more than once! One more and he gets a ticket! Just give me a bone buddy, I'm waiting. ( Johnny doesn't call me evil mistress for nothing!)hahaha
I love the bird nesting area, they just don't care where they nest. But, hey I'm a big birder, so I go around them.
Hugs to you and Rico plus the pooches!