Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Midweek Babbles......

Thank you all for the kind things about the Birthday Stitching I did for Joan. I really enjoy making things and the Bunny Box was lots of fun to stitch and make. In the comments yesterday Carol R mentioned a book called The Proper Stitch - what a great book that is!! I don't have one yet - but some day!! It is just filled with all kinds of different stitches - a real must for counted cross stitchers..... and Jennifer asked about the box - I have found all sorts of different boxes at craft and hardware stores around the city. These boxes are mostly plain unfinished wood ready for finishing. The first thing to do is try and peal off the mega stick price tags and other stickers that the stores attach - which can be an ordeal and the hardest part of the whole process!! Then if it is rough feeling at all I will lightly sand the box and then stain it - letting it dry for a few days. Then it is a matter of lining the inside and top and attaching all the pieces and there you go a great finish - I had seen a couple of them out on different Blogs but it wasn't until I actually received a finished one from Becky S that I could really see the construction and finish. It is really amazing the different kinds of boxes out there!!

No stitchy snaps today - :(

It was a double feature last night - starting off with "The Incredibles" - 2004 - a really super animated film from Disney - a pretty typical hero saves the world story with a twist. My only complaint would be that at the end there was a total set up for a 2nd film and I can find no evidence of that in production. It would be great if another Incredibles came out - I would go to see it. The second feature was "Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Ware-Rabbit" - 2005 - a really funny movie.

Not much else going on - Thanks for stopping by!!

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Carol R said...

I am ashamed to admit that not only do I have this version of The Proper Stitch but also the original version. I think they did it on a cd rom too but I was never lucky enough to find one of these! I added my name to a 'wait list' at NIAH but didn't hear any more about it.

Have a nice day.

Jennifer/OH said...

Thanks for the info about box finishing. Another item now addd to my "must try it" list.
Wallace and Gromit...they are my ulitmate faves in animated films. Have a 3 CD set and all sorts of collectables and trinkets.

Karen said...

I need to get that book as well. And i just stained my first wood box to finish for myself, its stained dark but that is what DH said would look better. LOL so we shall see won't we. LOL

Sadie said...

I love Wallace and Gromit and have seen the Incredibles too. Another film I relly enjoyed of the same ilk as the Incredibles was Monsters v's Aliens. It's not out on DVD yet but it has some really funny scenes, especially the ones with the President, one to keep an eye on for the future.
If you can get your hands on a tin of liquid lighter fluid (not gas) a little of this on a cloth should take away even the most super sticky of labels with a little rub and won't damage the wood.

Colleen said...

DH and I watched "Body of Lies" last night with Leonardo DeCaprio (?). Excellent movie! VERY intense but very thought provoking as to what our government might be doing in the middle East. Made us wonder how much was really fiction...HHMMM

Evelyn said...

Are you glueing the finished piece to the top of the box? I'm just wondering how it actually is attached. It's just beautiful and I'd love to try one.

tammie said...

i really must try the box thing sounds great i love wooden things just not great at making them.. lol.. incredibles is great my kids love it.. and i must admit it think its cool too.