Thursday, June 11, 2009

Movies on Wednesday

Last night there were two discs I needed to watch and there was stitching but again it was stitching and finishing up on exchanges.

The two discs were both TV adaptations of novels - the first was a BBC adaption of Dickens very dark "Hard Times" - 1994. This version was an odd piece - much of the acting was top notch - but the film itself was bleak in the extreme and very melodramatic and after trudging through to the end it was a complete let down. Not the best piece to see if you haven't seen other Dickens pieces or at the very least read the book. I think that the late Dilys Laye playing Mrs. Sparsit did the best job in the entire piece.

The second flicker was the first disc of a four disc mini series - "A Dance to the Music of Time" - 1997 - an extreme let down. The disc I had was the first disc - it had the first four instalments. Told in reflection it seemed to just sort of lay there and was very dull - The sets and costumes where very superior!! I have removed the last three discs from my Netflix Queue as I have absolutely no interest in watching them!! The time period is just after WWI and was to carry into the 60's - the Disc I had moved the story through into the 30's. If you are looking for something of this period I would suggest a a far superior piece and check out the 1981 "Brideshead Revisited" - this excellent version of a book adapted to TV miniseries is just great!!!

There you go!! Thanks for stopping by and the great comments!!

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Bronny said...

I do enjoy your reviews - good or bad, but I do feel sorry that you've had a couple of dud movies which limited your pleasure this time around. A good book is often destroyed by a bad movie.

Anna van Schurman said...

Have you ever read Hard Times? It's hard times. WYSIWYG!